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Search criteria: Animal is COSITA
1 Dog found

   Name: COSITA
More Photos
   Breed: Tibetan Terrier - Poodle Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 8 yrs. 8 mo.  Birthday: 10/2009 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Just Adopted!
   Milo ID: 24137
One of three bedraggled cuties from Richmond. Charming dogs, affectionate and silly, not used to a lot of things out in the world, but sweet, good temperaments and ready for loving and learning!! AND....grooming!

These are sweet dogs whose family fell on hard times, lacking in resources, but they were cared for and they grew up with kids that loved them, and they like kids.

More soon. $400 adoption fee ... extra donations appreciated! We'll aim to get them groomed. Remember dogs with coats like these need attention and care!

These dogs are very deserving of homes with folks with the ability to provide nutritious food, vet care (they were fixed by Paw Fund years back, and came as strays to Milo prior, and were vaccinated....) They are healthy, nice dogs, ready to spend the rest of their lives in the laps of luxury - or at least, in really great homes!

*FOSTER NOTES* 12/27/16- "Cosita is amazing. She is extremely food motivated which has made training fun. She knows "off", "uh-uh", is learning "sit", "down", and "leave it". She walks well on leash but is an escape artist. We should have called her Houdini because she can escape almost any harness or collar. She is about 90% potty trained. We have really been working on positive reinforcement. We notice she doesn't fully evacuate her bladder when she urinates outside, so she will need continued help to learn and this means more frequent trips outside for potty. She might do best in a house with a doggie door where she can come and go in a fenced yard as needed. She has never pooped in the house.

Cosita might be 7 but she is a bundle of fun and so funny. She is amazing with small children. She is not bossy, and she and our dog are now fast friends. She has discovered toys at our house and LOVES balls. She will bat them all around the house. She also has discovered soft fabric dog toys and loves to chew them. She has been surprising good with our child's toys, and only once did she try and take some- but quickly dropped them when we said, "uh-uh".

She has a mild snore when sleeping and wheezes a bit when she is really excited which doesn't seem to bother her. She sleeps in soft crate (Medium sized from Pet-co) quite happily in our room and next to our other dog for comfort. She will adapt to your sleeping schedule.

Seems like Cosita will do best in a multi-female home. She is fine with males, but does have anxiety that will kick in if there is not another female around."

*FOSTER NOTES* 11/25/16- "Cosita gets along well with any other dog and is seems essentially no-risk when we're out walking on a leash. She also is neither dog/human focused, and spends much of her time to herself. She does play with my dog when they're both in the mood, and plays very nicely. Cosita is, in fact, quite an escape artist, and found the one hole in our fence immediately. She does not have any recall at this point, which can be frustrating. However, she was not hard to get back, and often would return to our yard on her own after a minute of exploring the neighbors'. Cosita had 2 accidents inside, but seems to almost be house broken. She did not have any accidents in her crate. She does not like to be crated and will whine. She was a low key dog inside (unless she remembered that there was a cat walking around, and then her attention was very hard to refocus). She shared food and water and toys well, and didn't have any skittishness towards myself, boyfriend, or any friends."

*Return Notes* 10/25/16 "Very sweet; no behavioral problems but she is an escape artist." Cosita wants to be with other dogs - she was the matriarch in her family pack of five dogs and they were also used to people and kids being around - so she doesn't want to be an only dog and needs to be left safely indoors when no one is around.

Search criteria: Animal is COSITA
1 Dog found


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