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Search criteria: Species is Dog
308 Dogs found - Page 1 of 52

   Name: STANLEY
More Photos
   Breed: Border Collie - Shepherd Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 1 yr.  Birthday: 3/2016 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24971
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond

Stanley is one divine fellow! A great size, even temperament, good walker, attentive and bright, tail wagging and gentle. Awesome fellow! More soon on this highly popular fellow - he'll go in for neuter and such ASAP and be ready for the active, loving home he deserves!

$450 adoption fee.

   Name: NILLY
Nilly aka Lilly
More Photos
   Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 10 mos.  Birthday: 5/2016 (est)
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24972
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
This sweet and gentle girl is looking for a home with stability and lots of love. She is shy, but she responds well to encouragement and affection. She has been raised with children and other dogs, but does not do well with cats. She is slow to warm up to strangers, but once she does she enjoys a good back rub. She needs a patient owner who will take the time to socialize her so that she can grow into the sweet affectionate girl that she is meant to be.

Nilly is blossoming, and enjoys having more socialization in her life, she was covered in fleas and tons of ticks when she was found in McFarland, left outdoors, perhaps as a livestock guardian, who failed in some way... wandered off, or came seeking affection from humans - either way she was not meant for that and clearly should at least have had flea and tick protection!

Still a growing pup, and ready for training and security, more socialization and a ton of love, this beauty will be come a beloved family member in a home with the time to engage and nurture with a fenced yard and the resources to provide for this special girl!

$450 adoption fee.

   Name: JUNIE
More Photos
   Breed: Great Dane
   Gender: Female
   Age: 2 yrs.  Birthday: 3/2015 (est)
   Weight: Extra-Large (over 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24973
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
Junie is a beauty!!! This big sweetheart has so much potential! She has spent much of her life in a kennel, and is new to experiencing the world. She was incredibly well behaved in transport and traveled in the van from Kern County, calmly laying on a dog bed. She casually sat up to check on the drivers and watched them as they ate some turkey sandwiches. It takes her a few minutes to assess new people and dogs, but once she feels comfortable, she is affectionate and playful. Maybe you have room in your heart and home for this sweet, gentle giant.

*Foster Notes* 3/26/17- Very sweet, pretty unsure of herself at first. Did well with a smaller Great Dane and a Standard Poodle, and okay with three chis. She is very cuddly and thinks she is a lap dog."

   Name: LIMA
Picture Coming Soon!
photo coming soon
   Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 8 wks.  Birthday: 1/2017 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24975
   Current Location: Foster Care
This sweet baby girl was left in a park, tied to a bench, with a little bit of water and food. She is very shy, but once she feels comfortable she loves to snuggle and give kisses! She will need lots of love and attention and socialization. This precious soul needs a family who will love her for a lifetime! Her adoption fee will be $500.

   Name: NAPKIN
Picture Coming Soon!
photo coming soon
   Breed: Chihuahua - Terrier Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 8 wks.  Birthday: 2/2017 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24976
   Current Location: Foster Care
One adorable little mighty-mite, brave and social, comfortable around big dogs, kids, cats.... a little love-bug of a pup!

Puppies need time, training, loving care and nurturing, consistency, patience, quality foods, vet care and more training! Please think hard about the commitment in time and resources it takes to raise a good puppy into a great dog and family member. There are no refunds on puppy adoptions.

$350 adoption fee.

   Name: BENNIE
More Photos
   Breed: Shih Tzu
   Gender: Male
   Age: 1 yr. 11 mo.  Birthday: 4/2015 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24977
   Current Location: Milo Point Richmond
Bennie was found wandering and hanging out at a school for days, nobody claiming him. His fur was severely matted and filthy with lots of foxtails everywhere. He was very well behaved when getting groomed, consistent with his calm, mellow and submissive personality. His ears have been flushed and nails trimmed as well.

The gal who fostered him said he was very good, learned the dog door and was fine around her four dogs. We are hoping to instill some trust and comfort with this sweet little muffin-head, who is so deserving of a loving home and gentle nurturing and care as well as lots of love!

Search criteria: Species is Dog
308 Dogs found - Page 1 of 52

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