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The Milo Foundation
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Milo Point Richmond
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Milo Sanctuary
Milo Foundation runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County.
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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do the work we do. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as us.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the web site!

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Name: ANITA (now POPPY)
Breed: Dachshund Mix
Adopted: 11/2012
DACHSCHUND FAMILY PUP 2 I adopted Anita on Sunday, an adorable Daschund Mix. She is the perfect dog for us. She's gentle and sweet and playful and we adore her completely. She is already an integrated part of our family. We have a 10 year old Boxer that she loves completely and that loves her. We could NOT be happier. Thank you so much! P.S. We've named her "Poppy" and it fits her perfectly!

Name: KAYA now POPPY
Breed: Labrador Retriever - Cocker Spaniel Mix
Adopted: 4/2014
KAYA now POPPYDear All We just wanted to thank you again for allowing us to adopt Kaya. We have renamed her Poppy. She is settling into our home well; she was a little sad and timid at first, but she is getting more confident and exploring with enthusiasm. The children adore her and I think the feeling will be mutual soon! Here's a photo of her relaxing. Thank you so much for making our dream come true! Love The Shearmans

Name: PATSY (now POPPY)
Breed: Terrier - Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Adopted: 10/2011
PATSY (now POPPY)"We just adopted Patsy, now Poppy a couple of weeks ago. She is the most adorable little girl, and as we found out a couple of days after we started fostering her, she has a huge wild side :) We bring her to the local dog park a couple of times a week and she is one of most popular dogs there. Even though she is one of the smallest dogs she loves challenging the biggest dogs and running around with them. She almost outran a whippet the other day... she is really fast! My dad, sister, and I love taking her for runs on the trails around our house. She has gained a few pounds since we got her, and has a new pink collar and leash, and a new name... Poppy. We are so happy we adopted her! She is the best little doggie ever! Thanks, we love her!

More Photos

Breed: Pointer - Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Adopted: 8/2014

Dear Lynne, John, Amanda, Amber, Milo, Alex, Rosie, Digger, Ann, Carol and everyone else at MPR and Milo who knows me!!

Hi! Willy here! Thank you guys so much for rescuing me from Stanislaus Animal Control where my days were numbered! Thanks for giving me a safe place to land and for taking good care of me in my early months in the world! Thanks for nursing me while I was sick with Giardia and cleaning up all my runny poop! I had to be quarantined for 2 weeks so I didn’t get the other dogs sick and I couldn’t be handled during that period, but someone always found the time to talk sweetly to me and make sure I was doing ok. Thanks for that!

As you know, Mike and Joanna adopted me. Joanna fell in love with me while she was volunteering at Milo (who can blame her?!) But, let me tell you, things didn’t get off to the greatest start! Their other dogs (3 of them fellow Milo alumni, no less!) hated me to begin with. I didn’t care because I was just so happy to have a whole new home to explore and besides I knew those grumpy pooches would get with the program sooner or later and see me for the stellar little guy that I am! But Joanna was really stressing about the disharmony I unwittingly brought to the fold and she ended up taking me back to Milo after the first day! She can be such a lightweight!! But after a sleepless night missing me, she came back down to get me again the next morning and we tried again. Well, it took quite some perseverance but after a couple of tricky weeks, I was able to start working my way into the hearts of the rest of the pack and now I’m a full-fledged pack member and nobody can remember what all the fuss was about at the beginning!

I really love my new home and my new brothers and sisters. We are a pack of 5!! We go on long hikes in the East Bay hills every day, rain or shine, and my siblings have shown me all their favorite places. I get to run and run until I’m all tuckered out (which I think is the general idea!) and then I get to nap on my choice of a bunch of comfy dog beds in Mike and Joanna’s office space while they do some work. And when I wake up we go out hiking again!! I’m good in the car and sometimes we go on a really, really long drive to another house in the mountains and I get to run around in forests and wade in rivers and lakes.

I can tell that Mike and Joanna really love me because they’re always cuddling with me. If I’m quick and can get up there before the other dogs, I get to nap beside them on the couch in the evenings. Otherwise I make do with sleeping on a comfy bed close by. I dream of sleeping on their bed at night, but Ebony – the matriarch – tells me only she is allowed to do that and she puts me in my place every time I try and jump up there. One day I’ll do it!!!

Anyways, my life is really great and I’m a very happy boy. Oh, and did I mention I aced my Puppy training class!! So, thank you again to everyone at Milo!! Without you I wouldn’t be here and I’d hate to have missed out on all this!!! Oh, and, Happy Holidays!!!!!

Love, Willy xxxx

More Photos

Breed: Golden Retriever Mix
Adopted: 7/2000
TEDDY BEARDear Milo Foundation:

Thank you for the important and life saving work of your foundation.

I have been a longtime supporter of Milo, ever since we adopted our dog, aged two, on a chance encounter on 4th Street in Berkeley, in July, 2000. Her name was Teddy Bear which we kept, as it fitted her looks and personality. She got along well with our two cats, but, above all, she loved people and never forgot anyone she met. She was full of joy, playfulness and great health, except for the occasional foxtail related injuries. Her visits to the vet were not stressful, as she loved to visit with the staff. Unfortunately I do not have many photos of her, as she ran away at the sight of a camera.

Teddy Bear passed away in July, 2014 at age sixteen. I think she died of sorrow, as she stopped eating and drinking soon after my husband was hospitalized due to a massive stroke.

I am so grateful that Milo rescued Teddy Bear and allowed my family and friends to have wonderful and memorable years with her.

Breed: English Pointer
Adopted: 10/2005
KELLYIn October of this year we adopted Kelly, a 3 ½ year old English pointer through Milo. We were warned about Kelly and everything that you said is true. She is a unique and wonderful addition to our home. Yes, she chases butterflies and points at shadows. Yes we are having trouble getting her to gain a pound. And yes she is a bundle of loving energy and has filled a hole in my daughter’s heart that was waiting for her all these years. Although I have to wonder though if she understands what my wife says to her, she speaks to her in French. Kelly has changed our lives and we hope that you can share this story with people who are considering an adoption.

More Photos


Happy Endings!
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