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Milo Sanctuary
Milo Foundation runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County.
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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do the work we do. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as us.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the web site!

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Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Adopted: 3/2014
KEANU now LUCCAWe adopted Lucca about 6 months ago. Lucca is now about 1 year, 3 months old. He has adapted well to his new family, and we to him. Lucca is our first dog,(since my Mom was a kid). A complete play-addict, a big protector, (if you are a squirrel that is), but still the friendliest guy you'll ever meet. He is happy in his new home, receiving plenty of belly rubs and lots of petting. Overall, we all agree- BEST DOG EVER!

-Peter, Dino, and Natalie

Breed: Terrier - Wire Hair Mix
Adopted: 12/2012
GIZMOTo Whom it may concern: Gizzmo wanted to be displayed in Happy Endings.

Hi Everyone at Milo Foundation...Remember me?...Gizzmo?!

I asked my mom to send you this letter with my update.

I am the happiest dog in the world! My mom says that my personality is growing. I love to entertain, and make my mom and everyone else around me, laugh allot. She thinks I’m a very funny clown.

I now have two white toy poodle brothers, who were used to allot of attention from people for their cuteness. But I managed to steal their act, and now everyone plays with me and wants to know what kind of breed I am, while the poodles get ignored. They are good sports though, but are a bit confused as to why they are no longer the center of attention.

I was deathly afraid of those clawey animals they call cats. One of those scary creatures came with my new home. I tried growling at this animal to protect myself. But, I don’t know what exactly happened after a few growls. All I know is that now “Smokey” the cat, and I, are best friends. We play together, and we sleep next to each other. Smokey kind of feels nice against my body. These creatures must have been created as bed warmers for dogs.

My mom has horses and my favorite pastime is to run my legs off at the barn and keep all of the cows and sheep in order at the neighboring barns. I can line them up better and faster than “Babe”.>{? I go on nature hikes and beech runs with my poodle brothers. When it comes to cuddles and love, I learned to push my competition out of the way, and be the first in line to snuggle with my mom. I sleep next to my mother’s left shoulder and imitate her lying on my back, with my head on her pillow, while she rests her left arm on my now-round belly.

I was very skinny when I first met my mom. But now, I get fed roasted organic chicken and dry vittles every day. Occasionally, I get steak scraps thrown my way as well. My mom says I’m very smart. She taught me to: Sit, Lie Down, Roll Over, Stay and Shake Paws. I’m a very enthusiastic student.

I express my joy of life all of the time and try to infect everyone I come across, with my excitement and enthusiasm.>{? Thank you Milo Foundation, for finding the perfect mom and family for me! Poodles are good people. So are cats...

More Photos

Adopted: 3/2012
GREAT GATSBY KITTENSHi Beverly, So nice to hear from you - they are absolutely lovely. Today they earned full house privileges while we were at work and although I was somewhat nervous, behaved themselves well. The are a trip - they play hard with each other and love the company - I am very happy that we adopted two.

Nick (I am currently calling him the fluffy cat) took a bit to come out of his shell but gets more courageous and comfortable each day. Daisy felt at home immediately and has been friendly with Isis the dog. Isis is learning to behave herself (she thought she could get them to snuggle with her with her boxer style, but failed miserably and only earned hisses, now she knows to keep her distance and let them approach her).

Joe (my partner) who was lukewarm about getting cats, gets a kick and lots of cheer out of them.

It was very lovely to meet you both - thank you for such wonderful cats. Please continue to be in touch!

Best, Jess

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Adopted: 8/2006
BAMBIHi, just wanted to forward some photos of Sprite (yes, named after the soda) adopted from you in August of 2006. At that time she was known as Bam Bam.

She's a tough, energetic dog and adjusting well to our 7 acres in Sonoma County and my 3 boys. Chasing a frisbee and keeping the deer at bay are her primary jobs, and she's doing great.


More Photos

Breed: Terrier - Wire Hair Mix
Adopted: 8/2014
MORTIMERHello Digger and Nice Woman who fed Mortimer chicken and yogurt (sorry, can't remember your name).

Sorry I've taken so long to let you two know about Mortimer. Well, he is very popular! Everyone he greets compliments him. I rarely leave him at home and he enjoys all outings. We are fortunate to live near a couple East Bay Regional Hiking trails that permit dogs to be off leash. Within the first week we were able to let him go and run. He has a blast! He greets every man, woman, child or dog with great enthusiasm . . . yes, he has overcome his fear of men. When at a beach, he jumps in for a romp in the water. He has been to the stables where Mia (my granddaughter that you met) sometimes rides "Josie" and he enjoyed chasing and barking at them while they rode. He enjoyed everything about the stables, as aside from horses, there are dogs, cats, chickens, kids and lots of friendly people. Recently, we've been visiting all the dog parks in the areas we travel daily. He really enjoys playing with any willing four legged friends. He and our cat have developed an amicable relationship that is often quite comical. He's been to my vet, Dr. Pat Bacchetti and they liked each other very much. He didn't even tremble! He is smart, spunky and very cuddly. We are quite happy with him. He's a KEEPER!! Thanks to you two women for "selling" me on Mortimer . . . I mean, really, you made the match. Here's some pics of him. We LOVE him VERY MUCH!!!


Name: MONK
Breed: Scottish Terrier - Shih Tzu Mix
Adopted: 1/2011
MONKYou may remember Monk the BLIND dog. Well, his foster family paid the Vet bills for cataract surgery, and he can now see! He is exuberant and full of wonder, as he explores his new visual world. I had the pleasure of seeing him yesterday, and here are a few shots from that visit. He is still wearing an e collar to prevent rubbing his eyes. Enjoy!

More Photos


Happy Endings!
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