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Milo runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County

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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do this work.
Hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the website.
If your older story is no longer shown, send us an update on your animal and it will go to the top of the list!

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   Name: DARLA
   Breed: Bull Mastiff Mix
   Adopted: 7/2015
DARLAWe love her! She has 2 moms, an aunt, and 3 teens to love her. She is so smart too! Already learning so much, and she walks great, and we just really love her.

More Photos

   Name: INDIE
   Breed: McNab - Border Collie Mix
   Adopted: 7/2015
INDIE Hello!

Hope everyone is well! We thought we would send along a photo and update for Indie. We adopted her last weekend and since she and Zorro seem inseparable. Some growling when Zorro approaches her treats, but otherwise they play well! And as you can see from the picture, they like to snuggle and sleep together. We're surprised how quickly she's come out of her shell, and Zorro is helping her build up her confidence even more..... Seems like a great fit!!

Thank you.

Justine, Sergio, Zorro and Indie

   Name: DAFFODIL/Little Dude now KEEPER
   Breed: Terrier - Wire Hair Mix
   Adopted: 10/2014
TERRIPOO THREEHi Milo Foundation. Just wanted to check in and say how much Keeper (AKA previously Daffodil) and I love each other! He just had his first birthday this month and it was a great reminder to say thanks. We are grateful for you!

Keeper and Stacey

More Photos

   Name: PIPPY now HARPER
   Breed: Husky - Siberian Mix
   Adopted: 7/2015
PIPPY now HARPERGreetings! We are writing to give you an update on Pippy (now known as Harper) who we adopted a little over a week ago (Friday the 10th) from Point Richmond Milo.

She truly is a delightful girl and we already love her dearly. She has settled nicely into our household and our lab mix Rollie and her have a nice wrestle every morning and evening. She is so smart and has learned our routines and most of our rules (she does have a touch of the stubborn husky now and again but is mostly obedient). She is such an extrovert and enthusiastic but polite with both people and dogs. She has lots of energy but seems to do well as long as she gets about 3 hours of moderately strenuous activity daily and she sleeps in a crate so there is little opportunity for her to get in much trouble.

She is very good off leash at the Cesar Chavez dog park and is extremely popular with some other pups about her age that love to wrestle as hard as she does and are there most mornings. We have started hiking with her on leash and she is wonderful there as well. She is also very affectionate and cuddly with us and just cracks us up with her antics. We have left her alone for up to 2 hours and our neighbors report she has not "screamed" or had a fit.

We've attached a couple of photos. I know a couple of volunteers/staff were particularly fond of Pippy, so if you can spread the word of how happy we all are. We are eternally grateful to you for rescuing this wonderful dog (and taking her back twice!). No returns this time! Thanks again for all of the hard work you do.

Kate and Jennifer

More Photos

   Name: JAKE now NEVILLE
   Breed: Terrier - Wire Hair - MUTT Mix
   Adopted: 3/2015
GRETCHEN PUP two BHey guys! Just wanted to update you on Neville (formerly Jake) the puppy Matt and I adopted back in March. He just passed 7 months old and is 15 pounds, we think he's done growing now.

Neville is a wonderful, smart, goofball boy - just the best, silliest personality you could imagine! He picked up on potty training very quickly along with everything else we've taught him. We constantly get comments on how well behaved and mellow he is for a young dog- but still really playful! He loves the dog park and always wants to chase after the big dogs, loves playing games and going on walks, and ESPECIALLY loves meeting new people. He makes friends everywhere he goes (even riding in the cart at the grocery store). He also loves snuggling just as much as when he was a tiny puppy, and still likes to be carried around like a baby.

Recently we went on a trip back to Michigan and he flew back in the cabin with us and did such a great job- never made a single peep. He got to hang out on the lake all week and even tried swimming, which he was good at but definitely did not like. He did like getting to relax and explore all week though.

I'm a little embarrassed to be rambling on like this but we are just so happy with our choice in Neville and are so incredibly grateful that all of you helped us become his family. He is the best dog we could have possibly hoped for, and we love him so much!


More Photos

   Name: PRIDE now STRIDER
   Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
   Adopted: 7/2015
PRIDE now STRIDERWe are so happy to have this beautiful boy, (formally 'Pride', now 'Strider'. Thank you so much. We are blessed with our new family member. We love him so much.

Sincerely, Phyllis


Happy Endings!
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