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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do this work. Hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the website. If your older story is no longer shown, send us an update on your animal and it will go to the top of the list!

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Breed: Hound - Great Dane Mix
Adopted: 9/2013
COLTRANE now DUMBLEDOREHi Milo Foundation! Just wanted to send you an update on Coltrane, now Dumbledore, who we adopted from Milo Foundation in September 2013.

Dumbledore has been a life-changing addition to our family! He is a constant source of joy and a huge (80 pounds to be exact) ball of energy. He loves going to the dog park, plays with anyone and everyone, and he loves his feline older brother Cho.

Thank you Milo Foundation!

-Carina, Patsy, Katie, Tenzin, and Cho

Name: HALEY now LILY
Breed: Spaniel Mix
Adopted: 3/2015
MAMA SANDY PUP 1Hi, Haley here, well actually it's Lily now, my human family changed my name. My human mom wanted me to write a quick update so here goes.

Well I love it here, I love my human family, I love Loki my new dog friend and he loves me! We play in the house with lots of his toys and some new ones of mine, we play outside in the grass, I hide from him in the ferns and bushes.

I met my new Vet, and he's great. He said I'm in super shape, though he did give me a shot that kinda hurt but not to much, I over heard the humans all saying "well it will keep her healthy," whatever that means. And I weigh over 9 lbs! My human mom says my legs are getting really long-I think it's so I can run faster to keep up with Loki!

I get to play with my four human grandkids (2 girls, 2 boys) that come over a couple times a week, boy do they give hugs and kisses. So I give them licks and nibbles in return-seems only fair to me.

I'm starting to learn to "Potty outside", sleep in my crate at night, which I love cause it has a comfy doggy bed and a special toy and my human mom always gives me a special treat when I walk in. I'm learning that I have to be in my travel crate in the car when we go for drives, I wish I didn't- but oh well. She told me just her and me are going to a special puppy training school in a couple weeks (I wonder what she means!)

So all in all, even though I had to leave my doggy mom and siblings to come here (and I did cry a little the first night, but I don't anymore), I think it was a good decision by all. Oh by the way, if you see my dog mom and siblings give them a big lick and nibble from me.

I'm getting a little sleepy now, gotta find my soft blanket and snuggle up for a quick nap. My human mom says you can come and visit me anytime you like.

Licks and Nibbles, Lily

Breed: Border Collie - Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Adopted: 5/2014
MINDYUpdate 3/18/15 Hi Milo, Pew just wanted to let you know how little Miss Mindy is doing....and she is doing fantastic!! She is such a wonderful, loving dog and has fit into our lives just perfectly. She hasn't jumped out of any more windows, and has, instead, taken over every bed, couch, and pillow in the house. Never have I seen a dog who loves pillows as much as Mindy!! She is surrounded by love every day and gives it back times 100!! Thank you, Milo, for saving our Mindy and keeping her safe until we found her.

- Mindy's Forever Family

Former update:

Deciding we were ready to rescue another dog was not an easy decision for us. We've got our almost 13 year old Venus (adopted from Milo in 2003), as well as two children (5.5 and 7). We went back and forth on breeds and rescue organizations, even going as far as to have a home visit from the Golden Retriever rescue - but it was obvious to us that it was a bad match for our senior girl. Finally, we decided to wait until the right dog found us, and resigned ourselves that it could be months before that happened. But then, there was Mindy.

After seeing Mindy's picture and reading her description on Milo's site, I just knew. I don't know how, but I did. She was our girl. So sure was I, that my husband drove 500 miles north from Orange County to Point Richmond on a Friday to pick her up, and drove her home the next day. 1000 miles in 24 hours for a pup we'd never met!! But, boy was I right....she is wonderful!!!

It's been a fun and sometimes crazy 2 months, including a very scary incident when she chewed through her crate and jumped out my sons 2nd story window, only moments before we got home! Thank goodness my neighbor saw her and was running to meet me in driveway, we are SOOOO lucky that we got her back (without a scratch on her!), it was a team effort...and now my son calls her "The Great Mindini!". After that, we got her an extra large wire crate for when we are away, and close all doors and windows when we leave the house...she is TRULY an amazing girl!

Our kids love her so much, and our Venus has tolerated her from the moment she arrived (even though Mindy took over her bed within 5 minutes!), and has even perked up in the wake of all this new, young energy. They are fast friends, with only a couple times in 2 months that Venus has had to "scold her". Mindy is full of love and is overcoming her separation anxiety. We see signs every day that she finally understands this is her forever home. She's even started barking when people come to the house as if she's protecting her family...we love it, because it means she knows we are hers (and she always settles right away). She is on her 3rd training session, and is doing great. So smart and such a fast learner! I could go on and on and on about how special she is, but...I won't. I will just say that, once again, I am amazed that such an incredible animal could have been without a family. She is truly a blessing and I look forward to watching her grow with our children through the years and look forward to the many adventures that await!

Thank you Milo for trusting us to give Mindy the loving home that she needed, and for saving our perfect pup...she "found us", like I knew she would...


More Photos

Adopted: 1/2005
KERRY now BOOTSHello Milo Foundation

I am writing this from a bitter sweet place. Today, I said goodbye to my sweet companion of 12 years, Boots. In August of 2003, I adopted Boots and her brother, Rufus (then known as Carey and John, respectively) from the Milo Foundation. My boyfriend at the time and I were looking to adopt two kittens to warm our home. The representative on 4th street said that there was a brother and sister that didn't show well so asked me to come meet them at their foster mother's home in Berkeley. I did so the next day and just fell in love with them both!

For 12 years, Boots was my solid companion. She was right by my side through my courtship and marriage, four homes, a divorce and a new marriage. Throughout it all, she was the cat that everyone fell in love with - even those that didn't like cats. Her bird-like meows and sweet nose kisses melted anyone's heart. She was playful, loveable, genuine, sweet, funny, and the life of every party. She warmed our hearts and our laps and made us smile each and every day.

A few weeks ago, she started having difficulty breathing. After a few visits to the vet, we knew she had a thyroid condition, asthma and anxiety (caused by her difficulty breathing). We were getting her medications worked out and she was showing signs of improvement. Unfortunately, today, her little body just couldn't take it anymore. She didn't have anything left to give. Even while she struggled to find her breath, she managed to say hi a few times but ultimately, her took her last breath this afternoon.

Rufus said his goodbyes and is missing his sister tonight, I feel so lucky to have had her in my life for these past 12 years. She has been my best friend through some very difficult situations and always provided me with so much love and comfort. I miss her dearly.

Thank you, Milo, for introducing me to my best friend. She was so loved by so many. Our hearts are broken tonight.

RIP Boots 3.15.15

Best, Sarah

Name: MACK
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Adopted: 11/2007
MAC DADDY1/30/14 RIP Mr. Mack. ;0-

Much loved by his family. Re-posting his prior Happy Ending:

We wanted to send you some quick pics for your happy endings section in case you'd like to post them.

We're happy to say after just 2-3 weeks together our current dog Reese and our new dog Mack from Milo have taken to one another and are playing famously.

I've attached some pics for you of both of them in a fun game of tug of war the other evening, and it's common now for them to simply play with each other, usually once a day & typically in the evenings.

Mack is such a happy little boy & gives my husband Damian and I SO many kisses both as a greeting in the morning when we wake & in the evening when we play with the dogs. He also gives our other dog Reese kisses on the face, it's so darn cute, I wish I had a pic of it to share with you! He also gives us big smiles, just like our other JRT Reese, when we pet his chest & belly - it's adorable!

We have them in training classes together and have managed to start to teach both of them that we are alpha, which they are both doing quite well with. He has even become protective of our other dog Reese when the trainer is working with her, it's quite cute!

And we have addressed Mack's spine concerns here with his new vet and are helping him to manage his pain on his bad days, and adding things like dog stairs around our home as per the vet in order to help him modify his behavior to preserve the health he has recovered since his incident in April '07 with the prior adopter. He is doing quite well, loves to play, and of course doesn't know his own limitations, which is the hardest part of his health condition, but we monitor him to ensure he is careful given his herniated disc. At this time the vet has not recommended surgery as he has seemingly healed well over time & is living a relatively normal, happy life currently. We will also be consulting a physical therapist for him as well.

His favorite toy of course is a tennis ball & we have found a wonderful rubber/latex one that he has yet to destroy like all the others but one never knows. This is his new favorite toy & he loves us to roll it to him endlessly. He also enjoys patrolling our garden and our shed area on a daily basis for the field mice that make their home there, but we watch him so he doesn't' get too overly active with this sort of activity given his limitations.

We can't thank you enough for saving him from the other shelter that was going to euthanize him. We can't imagine such a loving dog being lost even in the short 3 weeks he's blessed our home with his love & funny antics! We look forward to helping him enjoy the loving home & health care he deserves. We are so glad we were able to rescue him and have him become the newest member of our family, he is a pure joy!

God bless you all for the great work you do at Milo. We hope to be able to contribute to your efforts in the future now that we have been able to address Mack's medical / healthcare & home modification needs for his comfort.

Sincerely, Heather, Damian, Reese & Mack

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Breed: Basset Hound
Adopted: 4/2014
DIBLASQUI aka LASKIThings are great. Lasky and Luna actually play together now, which is so cute.

More Photos


Happy Endings!
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