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The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany CA 94706

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Milo Point Richmond
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Milo Sanctuary
Milo Foundation runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County.
(707) 459-4900

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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do the work we do. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as us.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the web site!

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Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Adopted: 4/2014
FIVE NUT PUPS FIVEWe are calling her Opal. She loves having her picture taken and we will be going on many hiking and camping adventures soon! So happy we found her! It was meant to be.

More Photos

Breed: Chihuahua - Poodle-Miniature Mix
Adopted: 8/2014
RHINESTONE now LUNAShe is doing great ! We renamed her Luna (since she's black all over) and she is the sweetest, happiest little dog. She gets along okay with the Kitty though they still don't quite know what to make of each other. We hope they will become fast friends - right now they're mostly ignoring each other. She was already completely potty trained, LOVES mealtime, and is super affectionate and people oriented. I don't know who gave her up before, but they were crazy.

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog - Shepherd Mix
Adopted: 2/2011
MEARLE Hi Ann, Happy Tuesday! I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Rohan (fka Mearle) is doing really well! Attached is a recent picture of our handsome dog in our living room. He's come out of his shell and is now super social, energetic and really fun. We have yet to meet someone who doesn't instantly fall in love with him. He's a wonderful addition to our family, and we honestly can't imagine our lives without him. Huge thanks to you and Milo Foundation for rescuing him, and giving us the opportunity to be part of his life.

On a related note, I was wondering if his brother Moody was adopted via Milo Foundation. If yes, is there any way we can contact his adoption family to schedule a play date? Is that against policy? Colin and I think Rohan would really love seeing his younger brother again after all this time.

Best, Rosalie

Name: TOBY now MR. MOON
Breed: Rat Terrier
Adopted: 7/2014
TOBY now MR. MOONHey!! Toby is doing great!! We re-named the little man to Mr. Moon. He has been such a pleasure since we took him home. He is very well mannered, almost never barks, and he absolutely loves his morning and after noon walks of approx. 30 min each. I have taken him to work 3 times now (tuesday and thursdays) and everyone at my work loves him to death. They prefer he comes everyday :D He gets along really well with small dogs, he has some issues toward bigger dogs, but nothing out of control. He has started to learn to sit along with some other commands. I installed two drop cams to watch him while at home, he usually takes some mighty good naps and waits till myself or my girl comes home to play and walk him (NO indoor accidents at all so far). He loves to hide his bones I give him around the house, takes him like 20 min to hide it just right :D He's very happy and We love him to death. Today were going to take him to point isabel. Hit me up in the future, I offered to help out and take some photos for your organization!

Thanks for checking in! Mr. Moon is very safe and happy. Brandi and I couldn't be happier with our new child- so please let me know of a weekend day (preferred) in the next month or 2 and i'll come out and shoot some photos (for free of course!). Cheers. Have a great day.

Name: LEXIE now LUCY
Breed: Boxer - Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Adopted: 8/2014
AVENAL BOXER TRIOWe are so in love with our sweet puppy!

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier - Cairn Terrier Mix
Adopted: 8/2014
TAFFY"Just wanted to update you on Taffy. We've had her for a little over a week now and she's doing great! She went in with the Milo group to be spayed last Tuesday, and she is recovering really well. Even though she's supposed to take it easy for another week, her energy is definitely back to normal! We had her first checkup today with her new vet, and she got a clean bill of health. Taffy has learned "sit", and we are looking forward to taking obedience classes at Petco next month. She is a sweet, affectionate, playful little girl, and so darned cute that we can't walk anywhere without several people stopping to admire her. Thanks to everyone at Milo--especially Amanda, John, and Rosie who all helped us with fostering and then adopting her, and Emily who helped us with all our previous fosters. After Taffy has completely settled in and is fully trained, we hope to take in the occasional foster again. (We'll wait until Taffy can model behavior for the visitors, not teach them puppy antics :)). I'm attaching some photos here, although our little terrier is very camera shy so it's hard to get a good shot!"


Happy Endings!
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