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Milo runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County

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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do this work. Hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the website. If your older story is no longer shown, send us an update on your animal and it will go to the top of the list!

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Adopted: 1/2012
ROCKETDear Milo,

I wanted to share my story adopting 14 year old Rocket. I showed up at Milo shortly after ‘Harley’ my kitty of 18 years passed away. I wasn’t planning to adopt just yet, but thought I could help by offering a foster home. I told Milo that this wasn’t about me… so just point me to the cat that most needs a foster home. They all said ‘Rocket’. She was nearly 14, her mom moved to a senior home & couldn’t take her, & brother cat was already adopted.

So… fine… I’ll take Rocket! She threw up twice on the ride home & didn’t talk at all like ‘Harley’ did. But what a sweetie-pie! She is actually a ‘Ragamuffin’ cat & loves being held and draping in your arms.

At first I couldn’t understand why anyone would name such a beautiful feminine cat ‘Rocket’. I quickly figured out how she got that name. She is super fast & full of energy! It took me maybe 1 week to realize there was no way I was returning a 14 year old cat. So we made it official. Rocket has now been my baby for 3 years.

Now 17 years old, she is still full of energy & is quite the funny character. She LOVES playing with all her toys & is amazing at catching & tossing her ball toys. Sometimes very early in the morning I can hear her downstairs running around at full speed & playing with her toys. It always makes me smile.

I knew when the time came to adopt a cat I would adopt a cat already a few years old … but I NEVER thought I would adopt a 14 year cat. What I want everyone to know is ‘don’t be afraid to adopt a senior’. This has been the most amazing experience & I would happily do it again.

I LOVE ROCKET! Thank you Milo!

More Photos

Breed: Poodle - Medium sized Mix
Adopted: 12/2014
LEYLAHere is a photo of Leyla, who I adopted on December 21, 2014. This is right after her first grooming. She is doing great and I love her.

Breed: Chihuahua
Adopted: 4/2011
TRAVISSO now DISCO4 years ago I adopted a sweet shy chichi mix from you and he has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I just wanted to say thank you.

Caitlin and Disco

Name: ISIS
Breed: Husky - Siberian - German Shepherd Mix
Adopted: 9/2012
ISISHi Milo Folks!

We wanted to send along this photo of Isis, whom we adopted back in September of 2012. As you can see, she has taken on a new job! Last year she successfully passed her Canine Good Citizen test and then about a month ago she was certified as a volunteer in the Companion Dog Patrol unit for the East Bay Regional Park District. That means she passed the CGC test again along with some additional requirements for the VTSP (Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol). I get to go along too :-)

She is a beautiful, happy, and loving dog. We are so lucky to have her in our family!

Thanks so much! Tony & Isis

Name: GOAT
Breed: Terrier - Wire Hair Mix
Adopted: 2/2015
GOATWe just wanted to let you know that Goat is loving his new home and family. He gets along great with our other Milo dog -Scruffy.

Attached is a picture of Goat fly fishing on the lower Sacramento River in Redding recently. And going for a Bike ride.


More Photos

Breed: Border Collie - Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Adopted: 5/2014
MINDYUpdate 3/18/15 Hi Milo, Pew just wanted to let you know how little Miss Mindy is doing....and she is doing fantastic!! She is such a wonderful, loving dog and has fit into our lives just perfectly. She hasn't jumped out of any more windows, and has, instead, taken over every bed, couch, and pillow in the house. Never have I seen a dog who loves pillows as much as Mindy!! She is surrounded by love every day and gives it back times 100!! Thank you, Milo, for saving our Mindy and keeping her safe until we found her.

- Mindy's Forever Family

Former update:

Deciding we were ready to rescue another dog was not an easy decision for us. We've got our almost 13 year old Venus (adopted from Milo in 2003), as well as two children (5.5 and 7). We went back and forth on breeds and rescue organizations, even going as far as to have a home visit from the Golden Retriever rescue - but it was obvious to us that it was a bad match for our senior girl. Finally, we decided to wait until the right dog found us, and resigned ourselves that it could be months before that happened. But then, there was Mindy.

After seeing Mindy's picture and reading her description on Milo's site, I just knew. I don't know how, but I did. She was our girl. So sure was I, that my husband drove 500 miles north from Orange County to Point Richmond on a Friday to pick her up, and drove her home the next day. 1000 miles in 24 hours for a pup we'd never met!! But, boy was I right....she is wonderful!!!

It's been a fun and sometimes crazy 2 months, including a very scary incident when she chewed through her crate and jumped out my sons 2nd story window, only moments before we got home! Thank goodness my neighbor saw her and was running to meet me in driveway, we are SOOOO lucky that we got her back (without a scratch on her!), it was a team effort...and now my son calls her "The Great Mindini!". After that, we got her an extra large wire crate for when we are away, and close all doors and windows when we leave the house...she is TRULY an amazing girl!

Our kids love her so much, and our Venus has tolerated her from the moment she arrived (even though Mindy took over her bed within 5 minutes!), and has even perked up in the wake of all this new, young energy. They are fast friends, with only a couple times in 2 months that Venus has had to "scold her". Mindy is full of love and is overcoming her separation anxiety. We see signs every day that she finally understands this is her forever home. She's even started barking when people come to the house as if she's protecting her family...we love it, because it means she knows we are hers (and she always settles right away). She is on her 3rd training session, and is doing great. So smart and such a fast learner! I could go on and on and on about how special she is, but...I won't. I will just say that, once again, I am amazed that such an incredible animal could have been without a family. She is truly a blessing and I look forward to watching her grow with our children through the years and look forward to the many adventures that await!

Thank you Milo for trusting us to give Mindy the loving home that she needed, and for saving our perfect pup...she "found us", like I knew she would...


More Photos


Happy Endings!
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