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Happy Endings!
We love happy endings!
These are just some of the reasons that we do this work.
Hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories.
Your story will be posted on our website for one year.

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   Name: SUNNY
   Breed: Pit Bull Terrier - Labrador Retriever Mix
   Adopted: 1/2016
SUNNYHello, We've had Sonny for almost half a year, and he is literally the greatest. I'm so happy our paths crossed. He warmed up to us almost immediately, and now it's hard to imagine a life without him. We really do spoil him. Just check out these photos! He came with us to the Grand Canyon. Thanks for bringing us together. Naomi, Ryan, Sonny, and Sky (cat of the house)

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   Breed: Siberian Husky - Terrier Mix
   Adopted: 6/2016
BOWIE PUPSShe is a sweet little rascal!! We now know many more neighbors because she demands a belly rub from everyone she sees! Thank you for her!

   Breed: Shepherd - Siberian Husky Mix
   Adopted: 5/2016
COASTAL PUPSBaloo is having a blast in Aspen, Colorado. He regularly makes the rounds in town, and has a reputation for being one of the handsomest boys. When not hanging out with the Aspen chefs, he's regularly going to dog parks, learning to be a water dog, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and getting spoiled rotten. He's absolutely made an incredible difference in his dad's eyes.

   Name: CHAYA
   Breed: Labrador Retriever - Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix
   Adopted: 4/2016
CHAYAWe've had Chaya for almost 3 months now and I wanted to be sure to send an update. She has settled in so well and is such a loved member of our family. She has her county license, her microchip is registered and we aren't letting her go!

Chaya spends her days playing with the kids, who absolutely adore her. And she is so wonderful with them! She gets a lot of love! Chaya came along for preschool drop offs and pick ups prior to the summer and I know she is can't wait for that to start up again. She is part of our pack and hates being left behind if we run an errand that she can't partake in. Chaya goes on daily walks, regular trips to the dog park and runs in the open space. Chaya has been attending doggy classes and is working on her leash skills, but is still a work in progress! Chaya is so sweet and sensitive and loyal. She regularly sits at my feet in the nursery as I rock the baby to sleep and she often sleeps in the hallway outside of the children's rooms. She barks when someone comes to the door and I feel incredibly safe with her protecting us, although we all know she wouldn't hurt a fly. The neighbors have gotten to know Chaya and they love greeting her when we're all playing out front. Chaya is eating a healthy grain-free fish based diet as recommenced... with additional droppings from the high chair.

Chaya is my sweet sidekick during the crazy days with the kids. She and I often look at each other when the kids start getting out of control and we seem to understand that she and I are the adults of the house. The bond between Chaya and my husband, Mike, is really beautiful as well.

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   Name: CHARLIE
   Breed: Shepherd - Mastiff Mix
   Adopted: 6/2016
CHARLIE FLORESCharlie (renamed Finn) is doing great and is now getting along with Watson the cat after a couple weeks of positive reinforcement clicker training. They are becoming couch buddies!

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   Breed: Tibetan Terrier - Poodle Mix
   Adopted: 4/2016
WONDER PUP THREE MOn April 17, 2016, I adopted a puppy from your organization - Wilbur (now known as Remy Martin) of the Wilbur & Willie duo. I tried to call you a few weeks later to give you an update but was advised that I needed to put any comments in an email; so it has taken a while. One of your volunteers had put me in touch with Milo when she learned I was looking to adopt.

The adoption papers indicated Remy was born 11-20-15; so he would now be almost 8 months, and he is currently about 18 lbs. (he was 14 lbs. when we got him at 5 months). He has turned out to be a wonderful little dog, and we are so happy to have him. Milo had guessed that he was a poodle/Tibetan mix, but I had a DNA test run, and it turns out his mother was a poodle/Chihuahua mix and his father was a poodle/Beagle/Pekingese mix. At this point, he looks mostly poodle (but cuter). Of course I took him in to my vet for the rest of his shots, changed his micro-chip registration to my name, and got him licensed. He's been very healthy with no problems at all. I tried a crate the first couple of nights, but he hated that (he howled all night long); so he now happily sleeps with me. He's definitely living the good life.

Remy has a very sweet temperament, is very affectionate, loves all people and dogs, was the star of his obedience class at Marin Humane Society, and has a very soft mouth - probably why Kofi, our 5-lb. , 11-year old Chihuahua, plays with him as if she were a puppy herself; they're best buddies, wrestling and chasing through the house. Our 12-year old Tibetan Terrier, Rowdy, doesn't play much anymore, but he sets a good example for Remy, especially when we're out on off-leash walks. My son is living at home right now, and they're best buddies, too. Remy learned the doggie door very quickly; so housetraining was a breeze. He hasn't chewed up anything, but he loves playing with his toys. My groomer says he is totally cooperative when I bring him in for a bath and nail trim.

Just wanted to let you know how well Remy has fit into our family - he is much loved.

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Happy Endings!
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