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Milo runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County

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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do this work.
Hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the website.
If your older story is no longer shown, send us an update on your animal and it will go to the top of the list!

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   Name: HAZEL
   Breed: German Shepherd
   Adopted: 12/2014
ORPHAN SHEPHERD 3Here's Hazel 68 pounds of love. The best dog ever.

More Photos

   Adopted: 6/2015
MERCEDESHi Milo Foundation Richmond Point. Mercedes has arrived. We thought you might like to see how quickly she has relaxed into her new home. These pictures were taken less than two hours after we returned. She is sitting on the couch at Jeanne's feet, kneading and purring on the soft throw blanket. She seems very happy and content already. The second picture is her looking out the window enjoying the view. We know she's going to be a happy kitty with us!

Mark & Jeanne

   Name: KAYLA
   Adopted: 5/2015
KAYLAWe absolutely adore our sweet kitties, they're so wonderful!! They've settled in so quickly, so sweet and affectionate with us and with each other, really couldn't be any better! They snuggle with us and each other, after they've tuckered themselves out playing with each other all day.

More Photos

   Name: CONRAD
   Adopted: 5/2015
CONRADWe absolutely adore our sweet kitties, they're so wonderful!! They've settled in so quickly, so sweet and affectionate with us and with each other, really couldn't be any better! They snuggle with us and each other after they've tuckered themselves out playing with each other all day.

Conrad is such a love bug, just wants to cuddle and purr and play with his little kitty sister, he doesn't realize he looks any different than other cats. His funny ear is quite charming, as is his tiny, squeaky voice, and his habit of gumming our hands and noses when he's feeling the love. He's a very special guy. I'm so grateful that he was so loved and cared for until we came along. I knew he was the one for me as soon as I saw his photo! The four of us couldn't be any happier! :)

More Photos

   Breed: English Bulldog - Am. Staff. Terrier Mix
   Adopted: 6/2015
LEANA now BLASCHKOJust wanted to share that Leana is doing great! We call her Blaschko, after the scientist (it's a long story...). She adores Bradford and goes on two hearty walks with him a day and otherwise plays with toys or snores on the couch. Our biggest challenges are convincing Ford that she is not a freeway for his cars and trains (and getting him to stop eating her food), and waiting for the cats to forgive us (they are coming around).

Thank you for her. No doubt you could all be living lives of ease and affluence elsewhere than in the service of these babes. Thanks for doing this instead. Thanks for rescuing her so she could rescue us.

Gratefully, Tupelo, Bradford, toddler Ford, baby Josiah, Uncle Daniel?, and Pekoe and Smokey the cats (who don't thank you at all, actually).

   Name: SCOTTY
   Breed: Cav. King Charles - Brittany Mix
   Adopted: 5/2015
ROOKIEThings are going just wonderfully. They are such great dogs. So sweet. It's clear that their former people really loved them, cared for them and started them off with wonderful manners and experiences. They are so bonded to one another, I'm very glad that folks at Milo worked hard to wait and keep them together. I think - even as social as Scotty is - they would both have been feeling the additional loss if they had been separated from one another. Felicity has made it clear that she is 'momma's dog', but that said, she is also quite bonded to my husband. Scotty is equal opportunity in his love and kisses, though truth be told, I'm the one he follows from room to room...then again, I do feed them... :) I'm working from home today and they are both sleeping within two feet of me as I work at my desk.

The pups are very very well loved here. If their former people every check in to see if they are OK, please assure them they are - and we will do our very best to keep them safe, well, and...forever.

Thanks for all the work you do there!

Best, -Linda


Happy Endings!
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