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The Milo Foundation
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Milo Point Richmond
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Milo Sanctuary
Milo Foundation runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County.
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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do the work we do. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as us.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the web site!

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Breed: Poodle-Miniature
Adopted: 1/2013
WILMA now CINDERHi Milo Superstars! We had a doggie party in our backyard this weekend with our current fosters, River and Meadow, our adopted Milo dog, Cinder, and our past fosters with their new families - Milton and Biscuit. Here is a pic of Biscuit (with her new teen, Clara), Meadow (with Milton's kid, Ari), Milton& Cinder (formerly Wilma, with me), and River (with Biscuit's kid, Gregory). So cute! And everyone got along very well ; ) Thanks for rescuing such amazing creatures! Becca

Name: DIRK (now JASPER)
Breed: Labrador Retriever - Border Collie Mix
Adopted: 12/2011
DIRK (now JASPER)We adopted a wonderful dog from you about a month ago and we have his first wellness appt. with a vet in Corte Madera. By the way - just for kicks, a picture of Jasper on a paddle board is attached. He is a happy, happy dog. Thank you for rescuing him :-)

Name: KAYA now POPPY
Breed: Labrador Retriever - Cocker Spaniel Mix
Adopted: 4/2014
KAYA now POPPYDear All We just wanted to thank you again for allowing us to adopt Kaya. We have renamed her Poppy. She is settling into our home well; she was a little sad and timid at first, but she is getting more confident and exploring with enthusiasm. The children adore her and I think the feeling will be mutual soon! Here's a photo of her relaxing. Thank you so much for making our dream come true! Love The Shearmans

Breed: Labrador Retriever - Boxer Mix
Adopted: 2/2012
FAIRY PUPSMilo foundation folks,
I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to adopt Chole (Rosetta). I love, love, love her!!! She is such a sweet and loving puppy. I promised I would send some photo's-so here she is.
Thank you,

More Photos

Breed: German Shepherd - Keeshond Mix
Adopted: 4/2013

It's been one year since I was adopted and I'm doing great! I get in a little trouble now and then, but I'm a good girl and my human companions love me very much. I'm about 15 months old now, my coat is darker and my ears are still fluffy as ever. They are still trying to figure out my mixed breeds but they really don't care 'cause they think I'm the most beautiful dog in the world!

I learned to do some cool things at Sirius Puppy Training. I love to play fetch, jump real high and spin around when my human says "speak". (I don't understand the connection but when I bark, she seems happy.) I've been to beaches, played in the snow, gone swimming in a pool and I'm taking my first long road trip in May. We like to walk at Pt. Isabel and hike in Tilden Park.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity for a better life since being left at a shelter. I am a happy dog!

Love, Misha (formerly Victoria; Mali)

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Name: TRUDY now SUKI
Breed: Dachshund Mix
Adopted: 8/2003
TRUDY now SUKII adopted Suki (then known as Trudi) over two years while on a stroll on 4th Street in Berkeley. Yes, it was love at first sight!. Before I adopted Suki she was being fostered by Kathy Slater (Thank you, for taking such good care of her).

Suki and I have formed a wonderful bond and she is a member of our family. She is more like my second child than my dog. Suki spends her days chasing bugs in the backyard, sleeping, watching television with anyone, loves her daily rubs and walks to the park. She loves her weekly walks to the beach (yet she doesn't like the water) and trips to the local dog park. Suki is very wise and even tolerates the other dog who is much more hyper than her.

I would like to Thank everyone at the Milo Foundation for all of your work and bringing Suki into my life.

Thank you,


Suki's Mom

More Photos


Happy Endings!
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