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We love happy endings! These are just some of the reasons that we do the work we do. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as us.

Milo adopters - email us your photos and stories for posting on the web site!

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Name: EMMA
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Adopted: 3/2005
EMMA12/28/06: "Hi !

As we approach Em's second birthday I thought I would drop you guys a line and some photos of my girl. She finally stopped growing at a glorious 94 pounds! She is extremely bright but always sweet and a little bashful. She adores her kitties and guards them vigilantly when my son's dogs come to play. Her method is creative distraction and it's really comical to watch her escort the other dogs to the water dish or anywhere they may come into contact with her cats. Needless to say her kitties love her to death and she is their favorite source of heat on these cold winter nights.

She still goes to Happy Hounds regularly and the care and affection she receives there has certainly contributed to her serene personality. She is just the best.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you."

Cathey, Emma and the Lits ( Sid,Cesar,Cleo, Jem and Scout)

9/05: I am writing to thank you for bringing Emma into our lives. I adopted Emma on March 26, 2005. She was a little 9 week old pitty mix we thought possibly with beagle. After a week or two we knew there was no beagle because she was already bigger than one. She is now 6 months old, 53 pounds and growing daily and we still don't have a clue what she is mixed with but as you can see she is very beautiful and the best puppy in the world with just enough stubborness to make her interesting.

Emma attends Happy Hounds Day Care when I am at work during the day and she is thriving. They all love her a lot and she is excited to get to go play with all her doggie buds during the day. She comes home and becomes a cat as she lives with 5 of them happily. They love her and she dotes on them. Always willing to lick a head as it passes her by and she sleeps with at least a couple of them curled up against her on the bed. She is very friendly, social and smart as a whip. On the weekends she goes over and plays with my son's two dogs especially the little girl Amstaff who adores her.

I lost my beagle two years ago to a long illness with heart failure, I was very reluctant to open my heart to another doggie until that day on 4th street when I knew I had found my puppy. She has brought us much joy and we recently moved out of our loft and took a house with a big back yard. It is joyous to see her frolicking in her own space. It's like she knows we did it for her and she wants to make full use of her own playground.

Thanks again for my wonderful girl.

Breed: Poodle - Medium sized
Adopted: 7/2014
Designer PoodlesCalvin is doing great. He is now aka Lucky.

I have attached some pics. He is getting used to his new home and is loving his toys and new family and friends. Everybody is crazy about him. He had a trip to the groomer today and looks so handsome. He is such a good, sweet boy, and he seems to really be happy. Thank you, Milo, for all you do and for taking care of him until he could be adopted. He is a real joy and I know we will have a good long life together.

Update: He learned to go up and down steps yesterday, and will go to his first vet appointment this morning. Having so much fun with him!

More Photos

Breed: Corgi - Shepherd Mix
Adopted: 1/2011
MOONEYMikey is a love and fits right in with our family and with our older dog Reba (a.k.a., The Moose). Mikey has such a great personality, and has warmed our hearts after the loss of our other dog Loba (who passed away from old age about two years ago). Of course Mikey loves to run and play ball! And he is one of the brightest dogs I've ever known. He is smart, that is for sure. We call Mikey our inside dog, because he loves to be with us inside the house, right at my feet. He loves people and kids and gives a welcome bark whenever he hears a sound. He is a watch dog and a companion to boot! We just love having him as a new addition to our family, and are so happy that we found him. Or, was it that he found us, as we looked inside the kennels at Milo Foundation? You know, he gave me the look, like he was the one for us! It was love at first sight, and what a love he is, that Mikey Boy for sure.

Milo Foundation: Thank you so much for rescuing such a great dog!

With lots of puppy kisses.

More Photos

Adopted: 7/2012

It's way past due to give an update for Bombay (now renamed Stella). We bought a house and moved to Oakland earlier this year where she enjoys chasing bugs, cuddling and hanging out with her sisters Sadie (shown on left) and Falafel (not shown, but looks like a smaller version of Sadie).

Thank you so much for taking care of Stella during the time she was waiting to be adopted. It's been a fabulous two years with her, and it's not possible to be more overjoyed with her as an addition to the family! Keep up the great work!

All the best, Annie

Name: FLO now COCO
Breed: Duck Tolling Retriever - Terrier - Smooth Mix
Adopted: 3/2014
FLO now COCODear Amanda and the Milo Foundation team,

Flo, now Coco, is the best dog ever. She is awesome on walks and hikes, is a snuggle bunny at home, and today won everyone over at my office as the official office dog. No one can believe she was a stray. We are taking some doggy/people training classes this evening to learn a few words and expect to enjoy many adventures together. Thank you so much for your work and for finding gorgeous Coco for us!

Cheers, Julia

Dear Milo. Flo/Coco just had a photo shoot for Pet Food Express' My Mutt program: here's one of the shots! She's doing great and we continue to spend a lot of time running the trails of Marin and visiting the dog park. Couldn't be happier :) Julia

More Photos

Name: KATY
Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix
Adopted: 5/2009
KATYUpdate 7/11/14: I wanted to send an update on Katy, our little blind pup we adopted at Milo Marin ~3+ years ago.

She has adapted well to life in the suburbs, and is the steady companion and playmate to our Border Collie Lucy. She has every brick of her yard memorized, and races along the fence line warning squirrels who dare to get too close, that she is on guard. Those unfamiliar with Katy's little handicap never believe us that she is completely blind as they watch her race across the yard chasing squirrels, or wrestling with the other dogs! She really is an amazing little girl, and brings us joy and all sorts of love. She has even learned where the edges of the swimming pool are, and will trot along, making a 90 degree turn just when you stand up to grab her from the edge!

Although she was brought home to be MY companion, she has been a godsend to our Border Collie since my husband's promotion and instructions to not bring her to work with him any longer. She also has won over the husband, who attempted to keep her at an arms length since she is "mine". LOL

Thank you all so much for the wonderful work you do in finding these special animals, and taking them out of the system where they might never have found their Forever Homes. Jennifer

Thanks for the reply ladies. I thought I would forward the pictures of Katy's first day here, checking out the house & yard.

She is doing well, and the other dogs are warming to her, although they aren't certain how to play with her yet. She is a smart little gal & has already learned her way around the house & most of the area of the yard we have open to her right now.

Update: Despite her blindness, she is so keenly aware of her surroundings that I would swear she is watching activities around her! The other dogs have learned to watch her to know when a car is arriving as she is always the 1st to hear it. She also is quite proud of her 2nd material possession. The 1st was a short lived toy which we promptly took away when there was a scuffle over who it belonged to & it was shredded. This one is a spiffy Nylabone fish, which she crawls into Kelly's lap to share with him. We think she is still getting in her big-girl molars, as that seems to be the area she works. Katy has learned to navigate the house & yard (still the occasional head bump). This weekend we intend to begin her "leash manners" training. We have a head lead we think will be easier for her to learn to walk safely, and steer her in the desired direction.

Thanks again for helping us find our little doll!


More Photos


Happy Endings!
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