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Happy Endings!
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   Name: STELLA now MORA
   Breed: Border Collie Mix
   Adopted: 10/2015
STELLA now MORAThree years ago we adopted our sweet dog Mora (named Stella at the time), and couldn't be more thankful of your organization. Since then, we've moved to Colorado and she has a pretty great life (plenty of hiking included). I have Google Photos on my phone, and it created this cute little video of the last 3 years, and I thought you all may enjoy it! Thank you SO much for rescuing our amazing dog - we love her so much. Don't worry, she has it pretty good too :) Enjoy!

Watch My Video

   Name: CASI now LULU
   Breed: Labrador Retriever
   Adopted: 5/2018
CassieI want to give you an update on Cassie. First, WE LOVE HER!!! She is the sweetest. She gives lots of kisses and will sometimes just walk into the room to get a head rub and then goes on her way. She loves to go bye bye in the car. I can barely get out the door (literally) without her. She also loves walks. She gets excited when we get the leash and harness out because she knows it is time to go.

We took her on a social march in SF and she did great. She is non-aggressive, even when a younger big dog rushes us barking. She does step in front of us as if to say, "Don't mess with my family" but doesn't growl or go after any dogs. She may be a little too friendly but what's a girl to do.

We bought her a big comfy bed but she prefers the wood floor, either in front of the bedroom door or in front of the front door to the house, again guarding. I love it!

She still likes to play and loves her bones. She gets along with our small dogs and only growls a little once in a while over the food bowl. But she eventually shares. She and our boy chihuahua play but sometimes he isn't too sure because she's so much bigger than him. It's very sweet.

All in all, we are so happy with our choice to bring her home. I think she found us with that sweet, kind face of hers. I wish we had known about her sooner.

Thank you for the work you do to save pups like her so that we got the chance to love her as long as we can.

(BTW we renamed her Lulu after my mom who we no longer have. It just fit)

Cassie/Lulu's family.

More Photos

   Name: FINITO
   Breed: Chihuahua - Terrier Mix
   Adopted: 8/2018
CAMILA'S CHI PUPSWe adopted Goose (formally know as Finito) in the beginning of August. Though we had been discussing getting a dog in near the future, we walked into Milo with no intention of bringing a dog home that day—we were only there to “look around.”

Goose and his siblings were the thing we saw, and we were instantly in love. Adopting a puppy has been a rewarding experience on both ends—for our family and for Goose—and we are thrilled about our future together. The adoption process, as well as our frequent re-visits to the Milo Foundation have been more than pleasant. Thank you for our new best friend.

Everything at Milo from start to finish has really been a joy, and Goose has changed our lives for the better.

All the best, Nora

More Photos

   Name: BRANDY
   Breed: Pomeranian - Chihuahua Mix
   Adopted: 7/2018
BRANDYBrandy, now Maisie, although sometimes she gets called Ginger or Canela in the hospital, rides to the Stanford campus via bike and Caltrain with me everyday, goes to class and visits patients in the hospital. She's a hero! Thank you for helping find the perfect dog who knows her place among my 3 Milo cats!

Love, Ruth

More Photos

   Name: CHEETO
   Adopted: 10/2018
CHEETOCheeto is chilling in his new home with his sister Zoe!

More Photos

   Name: KENNEDY now EEVEE
   Breed: Siberian Husky Mix
   Adopted: 9/2018
KENNEDY & KAMERONI recently adopted the husky mix girl Kennedy. Now named Eevee.

We had a bit of a worry in the beginning because you guys weren't sure how she was with cats. I am overjoyed to tell you that we used our two dogs that love cats and lots of treats and now Eevee loves cats too! After just a few days she is already able to be loose with the cats with out worry.

I am so so so happy with my new dog. She is the perfect fit and has already proven herself a great hiking companion as she did amazingly on her first 16 mile hike.

Thank you so much for all that you all do in taking these dogs in and giving them the second chance they deserve.

More Photos


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Happy Endings!
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