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The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany, CA 94706
Email: info@

Milo Point Richmond
220 S Garrard Blvd
Point Richmond, CA 94801
Email: mpr@
Adoption Hours
Volunteer Hours
7 Days a Week
2nd and Last Thurs
of each Month 5pm
The Milo Sanctuary
Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County
Email: sanctuary@

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Milo Partners with Nutro and Pet Food Express
We are grateful to Mars Petcare and the Nutro Company who donate the food which feeds the animals at our Point Richmond Adoption Center. Milo gratefully acknowledges this very generous contribution to the nourishment of the animals in our care.

There are other things we need for our animals at Point Richmond and the Sanctuary. You can shop for needed supplies for Milo by clicking the Pet Food Express logo below. Designate Milo as your purchase recipient, receive a 20% discount and free shipping.

The animals thank you!

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In Association with Nutro Natural

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Mobile Adoptions
These are the Mobile Adoption sites where the animals will be shown. Please arrange to meet them!
Pet Food Express Rockridge 12-4 PM, 51st/Broadway - 2/13/16      
click here for a list of animals attending

Town Center in Corte Madera. 11 AM-2 PM - 2/13/16      
click here for a list of animals attending

 New Arrivals:
TIGER: Cat, Male, 1 yr. 10 mo.
AVA: Cat, Female, 11 mos.
MAGGY: Cat, Female, 2 yrs. 7 mo.
PENNY: Cat, Female, 7 mos.
HERMAN: Cat, Male, 6 yrs. 9 mo.
SYDNEY: German Shepherd, Mix, 5 yrs. 9 mo.
MAGOO: Terrier - Wire Hair, Mix, Male, 3 yrs.
MAGGIE: Pit Bull, Mix, Female, 10 mos.
KANE: Saint Bernard, Mix, 2 yrs.
HOWIE: American Bulldog, Mix, Male, 6 mos.
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Featured Critter: KHLOE

Breed: Poodle - Miniature   -  Gender: Female  -  Age: 1 yr. 10 mo. (est)  -  Milo ID: 22757

KHLOE Khloe is the delightful little black poodle who we found out was attacked by another dog and her eye popped out of the socket, and she had to have emergency eye removal surgery....and she was pregnant. Khloe gave birth to her two perfect white puppies on 1/21/16 and is being a great mom! So this lovely girl has a ways to go before adoption!

Thanks to those who have donated towards her surgery!!

Khloe is fine with other dogs, with cats and kids - she loves walks, riding in the car etc - though right now she sticks pretty close to her pups.

Please email lat@milofoundation.org to offer to foster etc. check in with staff at Milo Point Richmond as well.

$450 adoption fee for Khloe once she is really ready for a home!! Her pups too. It's been a long haul for this sweet girl!

E-mail us at mpr@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of KHLOE!

Featured Critter: CHANDLER

Breed: Boxer - Am. Staff. Terrier Mix  -  Gender: Male  -  Age: 1 yr. 10 mo. (est)  -  Milo ID: 22355

CHANDLER Meet CHANDLER at our next mobile adoption event! Saturday February 6th, 12-4 PM. At GEORGE STORE in Berkeley. 1824 Fourth Street in the parking lot area.

UPDATE from foster mom Johanna 1/28: Chandler shows great progress every single day. Inside the apartment he is really a well behaved sweet boy. He is housebroken, can stay alone for some hours and doesn't eat anything from the table. He loves my car and falls to sleep immediately when we drive. Outside besides the streets he is doing well on leash and also off leash. Even when he plays with other dogs he is coming back when I call him. On busy streets he is still scared about noise especially trucks. But I think this will stop after some time when he finds a person he can trust.

First Johanna foster update: "He is a very sweet dog! I thought he would be more active, but he is a kind of calm dog. Sometimes he is very exited, but calms down immediately when you tell him to. He wants to cuddle a lot and has a will to please. I taught him Look and Down now. It works good when there are no distractions. We have to practice more.

He is still scared about noise (trucks, BART) outside, but now he is going outside when I call him. At the beginning there was no chance, he was sitting and shaking and I had to pull him out. He loves walks in Wildcat Canyon and Albany Bulb and learned that to go into my car means to go there. He is still scared on streets. But I put him there so he can learn it. It's much better now.

He loves dogs, but he must learn their social etiquette. He thinks everything is allowed. He is also person orientated, and walks close to me, and not with my dog. All in all I think he will be a good fellow for the future owner!

He is definitely not a problem dog! He just needs to get to know the world."

A big lap dog! Loving, calm, quiet and sweet as heck - he was waiting a long time to get to safety... to Milo. Chandler loves to go on walks as well as to cuddle. He loves to get belly rubs. He is very cute and ready now for his forever home!

Chandler would be a great addition to any home! He[s great with other dogs, happy and social, he is great around kids, manageable around cats -- we believe - he's stoic, yet tail wagging, he sits, walks well on leash once he calms down - but in a regular home environment with access to a yard and regular activities and a lifestyle suited to him with the love and affection and energy outlets he needs - he is a wonderful companion!!

Handsome, sweet gentleman!

E-mail us at mpr@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of CHANDLER!


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