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The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany CA 94706

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Adoption Hours

Volunteer Hours
7 Days a Week

2nd and
Last Thurs
of each Month
at 5pm

Milo Point Richmond
200 S Garrard Boulevard
Space 220
Point Richmond, CA 94801

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Milo Sanctuary
Milo Foundation runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County.
(707) 459-4900

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The Nutro Company and Pet Food Express together donate the food which feeds the Milo animals at our Point Richmond Adoption Center. Milo gratefully acknowledges this very generous contribution to the nourishment of the animals in our care, and we encourage you to support Nutro and Pet Food Express.

 In addition, you can shop for needed supplies for Milo by clicking the Pet Food Express logo below. Designate Milo as your purchase recipient, and receive a 20% discount and free shipping.
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There are currently no animals being displayed at .
 New Arrivals:
MARILYN: Cat, 1 yr.
PILGRIM: Cat, Female, 7 wks.
PERSIMMON: Cat, Female, 7 wks.
ELVIS: Cat, 12 yrs. 6 mo.
FROSTY: Cat, 12 yrs. 6 mo.
AMELIA: Australian Shepherd, Mix, Female, 9 yrs.
ALLIE: Chihuahua, Female, 1 yr. 8 mo.
MARIA: Chihuahua, Mix, 6 wks.
Thanksgiving Pups MARIA
CHRISTOPHER: Chihuahua, Mix, 6 wks.
Thanksgiving Pups COLUMBUS
NINA: Chihuahua, Mix, 6 wks.
Thanksgiving Pups NINA
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Featured Critters  
Featured Critter: ROSE or ROSIE
Breed: Australian Shepherd - Spaniel Mix  -  Gender: Female  -  Age: 7 yrs. 2 mo. (est)
ROSE or ROSIE Current foster update: "Rose is a dear, sweet, mellow gal! A real keeper! She is house-trained and rides great in the car. She is crate-trained, but you won’t need the crate, as she sleeps quietly by your bed all night, and is just fine with being left alone in the house. She never chews on anything or got into mischief. She knows sit, shake, and lie down, and she walks great on the leash, at your side and without pulling. She was friendly with everyone that came to our house, and very loving with us. Although mellow at home, she can romp with the best of them at the dog park, and she plays nicely with both small and big dogs. Her voice recall at the off-leash park isn’t 100%, but that could be because she hadn’t been with me that long. She is ok with cats; she was interested but quiet at first, but my cats bolted in fear, which got her riled up. She would need a house with cats that stood their ground with her, or just some extra time so that everyone could get to know each other."

Sweet dog who was originally adopted from Milo in 2008. Her owner passed away, and the family ended up turning her into a shelter. Her owner's vet office rescued her from the shelter, and now she has a need of a new home, at 7 years of age....

Rose is a smart, loyal dog. She gets along well with other dogs out in the world, but can be jealous and territorial in the home. Though we think if she was a "number three dog in a pack", or has a very strong personality and a pack-leader owner, she might settle in, and realize she is not in charge, or doesn't have to be the "top dog". She is protective to a fault if she feels she is in charge.

Rose loves other dogs and will play bow and get very enthused, particularly with males - she can be flirty and solicitous. She is a great walking companion, is house-trained, loves riding in the car. Rose passed her cat test just fine!

E-mail us at click here for email to learn more about ROSE or ROSIE.

See More Photos of ROSE or ROSIE!

Featured Critter: ABBY
Breed: Spaniel - Cav. King Charles Mix  -  Gender: Female  -  Age: 2 yrs. 1 mo. (est)
ABBYGAIL This lovely little momma originally arrived with us in mid-October 2013, with seven 10 day old puppies, and the whole family was quickly whisked off to a foster home. They had time to grow, run, play, and socialize, and are now all adopted! Abby is VERY READY for her forever home now too!

Foster update: "Abigail has been such a sweet girl. She has been awesome with my cat and children. She would be a tremendous potential for someone that would spend time with her! She's house trained and very sweet. She prefers a human than toys. She is very friendly. Abagail has some separation anxiety, so would best be suited in a home with someone who is around a majority of the time, or with someone who could bring her along with them to work. She is definitely a lap dog, and likes to be by your side. She would also benefit from further dog-dog socialization"

E-mail us at click here for email to learn more about ABBY.

See More Photos of ABBY!


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