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The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany CA 94706

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Adoption Hours

Volunteer Hours
7 Days a Week

2nd and
Last Thurs
of each Month
at 5pm

Milo Point Richmond
200 S Garrard Boulevard
Space 220
Point Richmond, CA 94801

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Milo Sanctuary
Milo Foundation runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County.
(707) 459-4900

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 Milo Partners with Nutro and Pet Food Express 
The Nutro Company and Pet Food Express together donate the food which feeds the Milo animals at our Point Richmond Adoption Center. Milo gratefully acknowledges this very generous contribution to the nourishment of the animals in our care, and we encourage you to support Nutro and Pet Food Express.

 In addition, you can shop for needed supplies for Milo by clicking the Pet Food Express logo below. Designate Milo as your purchase recipient, and receive a 20% discount and free shipping.
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In Association with Nutro Natural

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There are currently no animals being displayed at .
 New Arrivals:
MESSI: Cat, 5 wks.
SULLIVAN: Cat, Male, 2 yrs. 5 mo.
CHESTER-URGENT: Cat, 5 yrs. 10 mo.
BELLIE-URGENT: Cat, 5 yrs. 10 mo.
RAMBO: Cat, Male, 3 mos.
NIGEL: Sheltie, Male, 5 mos.
DUNCAN: German Shepherd, Male, 6 yrs. 1 mo.
ALLIE: Australian Cattle Dog, Mix, Female, 1 yr. 1 mo.
PEACHES: Pit Bull, Mix, Female, 2 yrs. 1 mo.
COAL: Pit Bull, Mix, Male, 2 yrs.
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Featured Critters  
Featured Critter: GULLIVER
Breed: Cat   -  Gender: Male  -  Age: 3 mos. (est)
LUCKY FOUR  Meet the LUCKY FOUR kittens at our next mobile adoption event. Sunday August 3rd, 12-14 PM. At GEORGE STORE. 1824 Fourth Street near Delaware in Berkeley. In the parking lot area behind Sur la Table, store.

Sadly, these kittens have tested positive for FIV. Not so lucky after all... A test result under 6 months of age is not 100% guaranteed, but we are proceeding as if it is. FIV is not contagious to non-felines, and is only spread amongst felines by sex (will not happen since they are altered), or deep puncture wounds. FIV+ felines must be indoors only kitties, but can live long lives. These wonderful, sweet kittens do deserve a loving home. Please consider adopting a pair of these four!!

The Lucky Four - Gulliver, Carrot Top, Danika and Creamsicle - Lucky to get out of a shelter with no accommodations for kittens.

Foster Mom notes: We've been fostering for 9 years and this litter of 4 lucky kittens has everything we look for -- affectionate and playful, with prolific purr, excellent eye contact and impeccable litter box manners. Not easy to find such adorable kittens who have it all. When I sit in my recliner, they rush to nestle onto my lap, chest and legs to snuggle -- it's kitten heaven! They come running to greet us with nonstop purrs and little meow greetings, want to be picked up and cuddled, but are also happy playing with toys and each other.

***MILO'S desire is to adopt out our kittens in pairs, or to a home with another compatible cat. Kittens do much better with feline companionship, are usually not more work, have a happier time, and people need not feel guilty about too much time alone! We will make adoption decisions on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the personality of the kittens, and whether they are bonded to a sibling, or seem to prefer to be a solo feline (rare). For young, newly available kittens, we will give preference to those willing to adopt in pairs. For older teenager kittens, we are more open to compromise, as long as the home setup is conducive. Our goal is always the longterm happiness of the animal, and the best fit in a home. Young kittens are not usually a good match for an elderly resident cat.***

E-mail us at click here for email to learn more about GULLIVER.

See More Photos of GULLIVER!

Featured Critter: AMBER
Breed: Cat Mix  -  Gender: Female  -  Age: 4 mos. (est)
LILLY KITTEN THREE We would LOVE to see Lilly and Amber adopted together, as they are very bonded and adorable together. Super sweet kitties!!

Meet them at our next mobile adoption event. Sunday August 3rd, 12-4, at GEORGE SHOP. 1824 Fourth Street near Delaware in Berkeley. In the parking lot behind Sur la Table store.

Current foster home: "Lilly and Amber are both sweet and playful kitties. They are always happy to see you when you come, and run up for some pets and love. Amber is more active and loves to play with her toys, either by herself or with you.

They both are good with dogs, big and small. Lilly will even go nose to nose, and rubs up against her 60 pound dog friends. She is starting to want to play with them a bit, rolling over and pawing at them. Amber isn't quite as brave, but is learning from her mama."

E-mail us at click here for email to learn more about AMBER.

See More Photos of AMBER!


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