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The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany, CA 94706

Milo Point Richmond
220 S Garrard Blvd
Point Richmond, CA 94801
Adoption Hours
Volunteer Hours
7 Days a Week
2nd and Last Thurs
of each Month 5pm
The Milo Sanctuary
Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County

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Milo Partners with Nutro and Pet Food Express
We are grateful to Mars Petcare and the Nutro Company who donate the food which feeds the animals at our Point Richmond Adoption Center. Milo gratefully acknowledges this very generous contribution to the nourishment of the animals in our care.

There are other things we need for our animals at Point Richmond and the Sanctuary. You can shop for needed supplies for Milo by clicking the Pet Food Express logo below. Designate Milo as your purchase recipient, receive a 20% discount and free shipping.

The animals thank you!

In Association with Pet Food Express
In Association with Nutro Natural
In Association with Nutro Natural

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Shop at Amazon through this link and help Milo at the same time! A portion of your purchase price benefits the Milo Foundation.
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Shop at one of the over 400 name brand stores at iGive.com using the link below, and Milo will receive a percentage of each purchase.
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Mobile Adoptions
There are currently no animals being displayed at .
 New Arrivals:
AGAPI: Cat, Female, 7 wks.
DIXON: Cat, Male, 1 yr.
LEVIN: Cat, Male, 8 wks.
REY: Cat, 4 yrs. 3 mo.
DOT: Cat, 4 yrs. 3 mo.
FONZY: Great Dane, Mix, Male, 3 yrs. 1 mo.
YODIE: Queensland Heeler, Mix, Female, 5 yrs. 4 mo.
CAMILA: American Staffordshire Terrier, Mix, Female, 1 yr. 10 mo.
OPHALIA: Poodle, Mix, Female, 1 yr. 6 mo.
CELIA: Siberian Husky, Mix, 1 yr.
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Featured Critter: SPOOKY

Breed: Russian Blue Mix  -  Gender: Male  -  Age: 2 yrs. 2 mo. (est)  -  Milo ID: 23013

SPOOKY SPOOKY is anything but, he is a lover and "an old soul" according to the folks that have been feeding him - he is a Richmond stray. Spooky is a gentleman - and was always getting chased off the food by other cats - so now he is at Milo eating LOTS!! He may be the father of Angels kittens as they are mostly grey and they were being fed at the same house in Richmond... but then a new baby came to the home, and kitties are not allowed inside and brand new kittens can't survive outside, so we are helping get these off the streets!

Spooky is sweet but just make sure to go slow with him! He can scratch if you pick him up quickly or get in his space too fast. He prefers to walk around and be pet - in a home he'd be likely to come up on the couch for pets and snuggles - he just isn't that comfortable being picked up - at least not in the rescue environment - cages and all....

He did test positive for FIV--the feline version of HIV. FIV is spread only feline to feline, and only through sex (rare) or deep puncture wounds/blood to saliva contact. For this reason he should be an indoor only cat. If there is a proper feline social structure, of easy going cats, FIV positive cats can co-exist with other cats.

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of SPOOKY!

Featured Critter: ZERO

Breed: Chihuahua Mix  -  Gender: Male  -  Age: 5 yrs. 2 mo. (est)  -  Milo ID: 23060

ZERO Zero has zero problems with his self-confidence! Even though he was very nervous when he first arrived at Milo, Zero has now grown more confident and runs the kennel — and everyone in it — with an iron paw. As active as he is affectionate, Zero offers the best of both worlds: an outgoing, athletic dog in a tiny, manageable package that can fit on your lap after a day at the park.

E-mail us at info@milofoundation.org

See More Photos of ZERO!


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