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The Milo Foundation
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Milo Point Richmond
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The Milo Sanctuary
Milo runs a 283-acre Sanctuary in Mendocino County

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Animals in Foster Care
These are just some of the animals that are in Foster Care.
Please arrange to meet them!

144 Animals found - Page 1 of 24

   Name: DESI
More Photos
   Breed: Spaniel Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 10 wks.  Birthday: 1/2017
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24964
   Current Location: Foster Care
This is gorgeous Desi, one of Momma Lucille's puppies. She is 8 weeks old, full of spunky energy, and very smart! She loves treats, wrestling with her brother, playing chase with her mom, and long naps. This girl is high energy but also highly intelligent. She will be a great dog for someone who is active and knows how to work with her energy and willingness to please.

This little girl is currently with one of our wonderful Milo fosters, but will very soon be ready for her forever home!!! Email all inquiries to info@milofoundation.org with subject DESI.

$450 Adoption Fee - ($250 tax deductible and qualifies for a My Mutt photo-shoot with PetFoodExpress!)

More Photos
   Breed: Great Pyrenees
   Gender: Male
   Age: 1 yr. 3 mo.  Birthday: 12/2015
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24954
   Current Location: Foster Care
Odysseus is new to Milo!

   Name: TAYA
More Photos
   Breed: Siberian Husky Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 6 yrs. 1 mo.  Birthday: 2/2011 (est)
   Weight: Medium (30 - 60 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24946
   Current Location: Foster Care
Taya is a 6 year old husky mix. She is a petite girl who is used to an active lifestyle. She has enjoyed daily outings to the barn and lots of hiking and running. She is used to car rides, horses and loves being outdoors on adventures with "her people". She loves to swim and is great off and on leash. She is trained with voice command to sit, speak, shake and lay down. She has lived with other dogs and interacted will with them as well as dogs and horses at the barn. She is sweet and affectionate to her family and is the kind of dog who can wind down and chill along side you for a movie or nap while you cook dinner or read a book. She is used to living along side her humans and sleeping in the bedroom. She has interacted with a variety of family members, friends and strangers (at home and at the barn) and is friendly and respectful. She is house trained and is content to be in the house while you go out for dinner, the movies or to the grocery. She is being owner surrendered, because she has developed a high prey drive and it is not safe for the cats to have her in the home. She will need a strong but sensitive leader as her owner, and someone who is very familiar with the husky breed. She responds well to commands, and takes verbal redirection. She will need someone to whom she can be a partner, who will engage in adventures to suit her active lifestyle, and channel her energy when needed.

   Name: SCHMITT
More Photos
   Breed: Great Dane Mix
   Gender: Male
   Age: 3 yrs. 3 mo.  Birthday: 12/2013 (est)
   Weight: Extra-Large (over 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24938
   Current Location: Foster Care
Schmitt is a sensitive gentle guy. He is dog, kid, and cat friendly according to his family who had to move and surrendered him. Schmitt is very attentive to his person and knows commands like sit, hold and off. He is a big sweetie and of course needs his exercise and space to romp, socializing and lots of love! He is pretty darn good on leash and very lovable - so someone with the ability to provide good exercise and off leash running and play time will have a great companion in this big Buddy Boy!

Schmitt really is a lovely companion - non-assertive, friendly and goofy. Please think hard about the demands of providing for a large breed, more food, more expensive vet care... large poops! ;-))

Schmitt is a charmer and really deserves a most wonderful home and life with a family that adores him - he will give a huge helping of love in return!

$400 adoption fee.

   Name: ALISHA
More Photos
   Breed: German Shepherd Dog - Collie Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 8 mos.  Birthday: 7/2016 (est)
   Weight: Large (60 - 90 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24920
   Current Location: Foster Care

Alisha is a large puppy. She is very playful and active, dorky and sassy, happy and eager to do everything and meet everyone, two and four-legged! She walks "OK" on leash, but is lacking in basic obedience, however her temperament is fantastic, she is all love. A Milo Manners (Saturday) class would be a strongly suggested first step when adopting this affectionate girl who will want to please, just needs direction and consistency...and LOVE!

Alisha needs a yard and a family who has the time to give her the activity daily as well as the training and consistency to keep her on the right track as she continues to grow into the beautiful well behaved dog she is meant to be and will be! She plays well with others, loves to lope about and engage in games of chase and such.

$450 adoption fee.

   Name: RACHEL
More Photos
   Breed: Terrier - Jack Russell Terrier Mix
   Gender: Female
   Age: 1 yr.  Birthday: 3/2016 (est)
   Weight: Small (less than 30 pounds)
   Milo ID: 24917
   Current Location: Foster Care
Rachel is a delightful little girl who can be a bit shy a first, but then pours on the love when she trusts you. She walks well on a leash and gets along with other dogs. Rachel is a real beauty.

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144 Animals found - Page 1 of 24

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