Bert & Evie – on their Way to Healing

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Too many animals wind up in the shelters because they are broken or sick, in need of critical care well beyond what the shelters can provide.

Milo Foundation rescue dog Bert

Bert needs your help!

Bert and Evie don’t know each other, but they both found themselves at the same shelter, and in a similar plight. Bert has a serious problem with his salivary glands which will likely require surgical repair or removal of the glands to prevent him from becoming gravely ill.

Evie arrived at the shelter with both her hind legs terribly broken.  She has been sitting in a kennel in splints, waiting for the help and timely surgery she desperately needs.

rescue dog medical

Bert and Evie are young dogs, with very friendly temperaments.  Milo just learned about these two and we have committed to helping them.  They will be catching a ride to Milo Point Richmond Thursday, and off to our vet for the surgeries that will give them the healing they need and hope for a happy life.

Milo is able to help repair the big little lives of animals like Bert and Evie because of you, who step up when the need is here and the time to help is urgent.

medical need broken dog

Please support Bert and Evie with a gift today.  Click here and designate your gift to the “Emergency Medical Fund,” which will cover the surgeries and after-care that will get them on their way to happiness and health.   Your gift also helps Milo be ready to step up the next time that animals have critical medical needs.  We can be there for them, with your help!  Every bit makes a difference, to save these precious lives!


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