TEAM MILO is Truly a Team Effort!

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Dear good friends to Milo and the animals,

Hello and thank you for being a “Milo Person!”  Whether you are an adopter, a donor, an animal enthusiast, or one of our valued volunteers or fosters – I want to personally recognize and appreciate you!  There is nothing like 2020 to make me be grateful for the people who care, who give, and who keep helping animals in any way.

We have once again survived the fires, the evacuation of our Sanctuary and the ongoing difficulties of running a life-saving adoption business during Covid.  Due to necessity and it being a safer place, I have been SIP at our Sanctuary since late March with limited staff to work at either location of Milo as Covid rages on.  It’s been seriously trying at times, having enough staff to care for the animals, all the uncertainty and the great frustrations for everyone!  For the staff and everyone’s safety we have had to put restrictions on volunteers and guests in the Adoption Center space, but we are making it work!  We always do.

In 2020, against all odds we managed to rescue almost 1600 animals.  The demand for puppies and small dogs has been off the charts during Covid, but we also rescued many seniors, large adult dogs and medical cases needing urgent surgeries and care, and cats with lingering ailments needing treatments as well as many underage kittens.

And who helped make this life saving possible?  Our wonderful donors, and all our devoted Milo foster homes!  We have rescued more pregnant and nursing mom dogs than ever before, and as always, lots of cats and kittens.  TEAM MILO IS AWESOME, and I am ever grateful for all everyone does to help the animals in need!

We celebrate the beginning of 2021 by rescuing animals more animals in need!  Cats, kittens, pregnant moms, dogs big and small, even goats and pigs!  So, please keep giving, and please keep adopting and fostering, it is YOU who help save these lives.

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I wish for you all a joy-filled year, with health and happiness being the best things we can hope for, that and the love of friends and family – including our animal family members who are especially important to making every day worth living!  Hopefully later in the new year we can safely gather, we can open our doors at Milo Pt Richmond, volunteers can once again visit to walk dogs and play with the cats, and our Sanctuary can welcome campers and visitors – I am so ready!


So, cheers to you all!  Please, be happy, be safe and keep on helping the animals in any way you can.

For the animals, we thank you!


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