Let’s Celebrate!

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TEAM MILO is a wonderful community.  The days are sometimes thrilling, sometimes mundane, yet working with animals is never dull, it is uniquely special as all the animals are, and always full of possibility and hope!

volunteers and staff welcome new animals

Volunteers and staff work together

It truly takes a team to rescue, care for and find loving homes for the animals.


The kind-hearted and dedicated people who are Milo volunteers inspire us every day.  Spending a few days or a few hours at the Milo Sanctuary, caring for the dogs and cats at Milo Point Richmond, assisting with expertise behind the scenes.  Volunteers help get the animals where they need to go!  Often from the shelters to Milo, from far away, and welcoming them with open arms when they arrive.

This past Monday was one of those long-journey days, when volunteers shined.  Our friend Thoreau drove to Bakersfield and back transporting 23 dogs from the danger of being forever lost and forgotten, to the promise of loving homes.  A great group of volunteers joined staff at Milo Point Richmond to meet them, give them assurance that they are safe, and tuck them in for their first night at Milo – or whisked off by some of our tried and true foster homes for a wonderful night of TLC and for some, like Peaches, grooming!

fosters and volunteers

Fosters share love and kindness


Caring fosters make it possible for Milo to rescue more animals.  The opportunity for the animals to experience safety and love in a home is invaluable.   Fosters take on all kinds of challenges, the stress of change, potty training, shyness or fear of new things and new people.  But our fosters  see the potential in the animals, nurture them, help them relax and be themselves – and get happy!  What blossoms in the animals, when given this chance, is their unique and special selves, and we can share more helpful information with the many adopters waiting to meet them!


Adopters are the dream an animal might have during a cold night in a shelter, or that first night at Milo, the joyful destination after a sometimes long and difficult journey.  The dream of having people to love completely, kids to play with, a pack to be a part of, new adventures and places to explore and lessons to learn.  Animals who may have been mistreated, or are unsure of the world, become part of loving families.  And sometimes, it is an animal who has to wait for that special someone to adopt – like Phoebe!

Phoebe is a special girl with a big smile and a bigger heart.  She has been with us for over three years, meeting people at Milo Point Richmond, enjoying life in foster care, and making new friends at the Milo Sanctuary, where she got to run and play with her beloved soccer and basketballs.  One day her special person appeared, and Phoebe is now living happily in her forever home.  Her success is born of the resources Milo can provide, with volunteers and Milo Point Richmond staff, fosters, and time and space at the Milo Sanctuary!
volunteer welcomes new animals

Welcome to Milo from a long trip!

For this special work that we have the privilege to be a part of, we depend on the unwavering support of so many who see the spark in a neglected dog’s eye and hear the happy purr of a once-homeless cat, you who give from your hearts, acknowledging that the animals don’t get a choice and depend on and need us, all of us.
What is amazing to see, is it all reinventing itself day after day, transport van after transport van, new bright faces making new best friends, all made possible by all you who give in so many ways!

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