Dudly is Ready for a Happy, Go-Lucky Life!

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Dudly came from the Monterey Peninsula, and when he got to Milo he was literally ready to jump into life!  He’s that kind of guy.  This growing pup is a champion cuddler and a happy-go-lucky boy – despite the fact that he has a severely damaged leg that will need to be amputated for him to have a wonderful future – and he needs your support to do so!

While it appears that the damage is from some kind of abuse, it does not deter Dudly at all.  His spirit is boundless, his happiness crystal clear, so thrilled is he to be alive, playing, meeting new people.

Our vet Dr. Evans believes that the surgery will be straightforward, and with some healing time Dudly will continue in his happy-go-lucky ways.

After arriving at Milo, Dudly went to spend a little time with one of our terrific fosters.  Here’s what she has to say.

“Dudly is as sweet as can be, and a giant goofball!  He’s very playful and clumsy as most puppies are, but he also relaxes quickly.  He tried to get my unplayful dog to play with him, but he seemed to understand that might not happen and moved on.  In a large playpen in the living room he wanted out at first (of course!) but quickly relaxed.  When out of the playpen, he followed me around the house.

He’s a very well-behaved and intelligent puppy, and he’ll make a great companion!”




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so that Dudly can have his surgery and be pain-free, and free to play!



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