The Milo Cat World Grows Stronger, with Your Help!

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For Dude and All the Rest, Help the Milo Cat World Grow!

There is a Dude in all of us. Dude is all of us.

Dude is a cat, a beautiful gray and black tabby cat, who came to Milo from the Monterey shelter a few months back. They said he was a senior cat, maybe 9 or 10 years old.

Even though we knew he wasn’t a youngster, we said yes.

Our vet met him and estimated that he was more likely about 15 years old, with various health challenges which might make his future uncertain. We said okay, let’s see what we can do for Dude.

We found a foster for him, someone who could care for him with the understanding that his future was just that, uncertain. She got to know him and decided to adopt him, medical issues and all. And with a huge kind heart indeed.

Now Dude is stable and getting the medical care he needs to live a happy life for as long as his journey unfolds.

Dude was at Milo Point Richmond for a while before he went into a foster home, and he received the care of staff and volunteers in the cat ward, day by day, feeding by feeding, head scratch by head scratch.

For cats like Dude, and all our cats, we are launching a major initiative to improve the quality and quantity of housing at Milo Point Richmond. While our facility has been more than adequate to safely house and care for our cats, we are excited to implement a major upgrade, to include new cat cages and condos. Beyond the cats having better accommodations, this upgrade will most importantly allow us to house more cats safely and to find more cats loving homes!

Will you please be a part of this initiative? The cost is not insignificant. We are raising $50,000 to give the Milo cats a new world of safety, health and home.

Kind friends have pitched in to provide $5,000 in matching funds. Thus the first $5k will be matched, meaning your donation has twice the impact for the kitties!

While that still leaves a lot of room to get to $50,000, you are providing more room for the cats to be social and safe, for Milo staff and volunteers to care for them well, and for Milo to rescue even more cats with this increased capacity and the benefits the new kennels will provide.

Won’t you please help! Milo turned 27 years old on Saturday August 14th. During that time we have helped more than 37,000 animals find loving homes, more than 10,000 of them cats and kittens.  Please help the next generations of cats, who need your help, experience the safety and comfort of state-of-the-art care. They, and all of us at Milo, will be forever grateful.

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