Boris Had Emergency Surgery, and Needs Your Help!

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We have a sad and urgent request for help! This beautiful boy named Boris was adopted earlier this week, after Milo had rescued him from Merced. A sweeter Border Collie mix you’ve never met!

Boris at the shelter, before he was brought to the safety of Milo.

Yesterday he was having serious difficulty breathing, and so his adopters rushed him to PETS Emergency Vet in Berkeley. X-rays showed that he needed surgery immediately. Poor Boris had a 3-inch slit in his diaphragm, and 75% of his intestines had spilled into his chest cavity.

The good news is that the surgery went very well, Boris is in recovery, and he has a great prognosis for a happy, healthy and long life with his loving family!

The cost for this significant surgery was $9,000. Boris’ adopters love him very much and are supporting him, and also have created a fundraiser to assist with these significant costs. We ask that you please HELP PAY FOR BORIS RUDOLPH’S EMERGENCY SURGERY. Any amount helps!

Boris with one of his new best pals!

This was a totally unexpected event, an existing condition which would not be discovered in a typical vet exam, and Boris is fortunate to have landed with such a loving and caring family.

Milo is also supporting this medical need, and we thank you who have already pitched in via our Facebook post as well.

Thank you all, and best wishes Boris for healing and happiness!

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