Meet Alonzo…

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Hello our delightful friends of Milo, we celebrate YOU!

Because you gave your support, Milo can be there for animals who especially need us – the injured, the sick, those who need more care than shelters can provide and those who are in pain needing urgent veterinary care. Milo can be there for these animals because YOU make it possible! Alonzo is just one fellow who due to your kindness we could say YES to. Your end of year support was truly a blessing for so many.

Alonzo was at a Central Valley shelter with a spinal injury of unknown origin. The reports were that he was a delightful boy, able to move about, but favoring his back legs, and not as active as a typical young Australian Shepherd mix. Was the injury caused by an accident, or genetic? He needed help, and we could only say yes, knowing you have our backs – and his!

Alonzo arrived last Thursday evening and saw our vet on Monday. While the prognosis is guarded, with some rest and healing he will hopefully go on to a healthy and surgery-free life. And yet, he may need more significant treatment, an MRI and even surgery, in the future. Hopefully not!

But either way, we could say YES to Alonzo, because of you. Thanks for being true advocates and friends to the animals!

Alonzo will be a wonderful companion for someone soon – and it was a gift from so many of you, that gave us the ability to take a chance on him. There are always more needing help, worthy of the risks and the costs to get them whole and into the homes they deserve.  Milo rescues about 35 animals a week, and typically there are at least one or two needing extra-ordinary medical care. We hope to always be able to say YES!

If you feel like helping a sick or injured animal in the future, consider a gift to support the Milo Medical Fund today, or any day. We are so grateful, so happy that we can keep saving the Alonzos of the world!

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