Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Milo!

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This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to make one of our adoptable animals YOUR Valentine!

The best way to do this? Foster or Adopt! We have amazing dogs of all kinds, MANY puppies who have their hearts set on giving you kisses, kittens ready to purr their way into your heart – and sensual, sleek and silky cats ready to stare into your eyes and melt into your arms. Whether they are your Valentine for just this week, a one-night stand (we hope not, we’re better at match making than that!), a casual fling (until they find their forever love) or a true marriage commitment for the rest of their lives, we promise the love they give you will make the day that much more special!

Looking for a Valentine?

ZIVA is not a first date kind of gal, you gotta prove yourself and make it worth her while, then once she deigns to open her heart to you, she’s all yours!

Or DINGA might be the girl for you! This clever gal is a trusted provider! She will bring you gifts, she will hunt down treasures just for you… As well as being stealthy and generous, Dinga is loyal, loving, lots of fun, a thinker and a mover and shaker – ready to work her way deep down into your heart! And yes, she’ll be kind to your other girlfriends too, she can be very understanding, though being number one is something she’s never had – maybe you will give her that chance!?

Or perhaps HEIDI is more your style! This sweet, yet bewitching vixen enjoys an evening with caviar and bubbles, though some tuna or salmon and watching you in your bubble bath would please her no end. You eat the chocolates and toss her the wrapper, she’ll captivate you with her moves and stamina.

If your heart is open to a special needs boy, then JINGLE is the boy for you! This funny character came to us from the Santa Cruz shelter that was out of options for him. Jingle, or Mr Jingles as he was known, needs a fairly low stimulation environment, and he wants love. He takes his relationships like his cars, slow and steady.  He loves hikes and watching the sunset in Mendocino, and he will love your dogs to pieces!

Send a Valentine to Milo Animals!

Can’t foster or adopt? That’s ok! Consider donating to support our adoptable animals. Your generosity helps us make sure that they have good food to eat, all the medical care they need, and toys to play with. With your support, we can make sure they have everything they need until they find homes, and what better day to show your love for them than Valentine’s Day?

Get in touch with us if you are interested in fostering or adopting, or use the link below to support our adoptable animals! We appreciate your support.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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