Her Leg is Broken, but Her Spirit is Not

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It’s never easy to see an animal in pain or ill. It’s very hard to see it in a dog like Brandy.

Brandy is a perfectly sweet, beautiful Brittany Spaniel mix who melts your heart. Brandy came to us from a small rural shelter in the Central Valley. She arrived at the shelter with a broken leg that their vet put in a cast, but then she languished in shelter isolation, out of sight out of mind, and in pain. Eventually when the cast was removed she wouldn’t use the leg at all. Brandy needed our help.

As soon as we rescued Brandy we got her in to see our vet. It turns out that she has significant nerve damage and needs to have her leg amputated. But while Brandy may be broken and in pain, her desire to love and be loved is whole.

Our vet will perform the surgery next Monday February 14th. Yes, Valentine’s Day.

We have recently had multiple orthopedic surgeries on Milo rescues. Three FHOs in the past five weeks, and other urgent veterinary care as well – it never ends! But these animals need us, and because we receive kind support for the Milo Medical Fund, Milo can say YES!

Now Brandy is one more of many animals Milo can help because you rally around them in their time of need. For Brandy that time is now. Won’t you please support her surgery and recovery?


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