A Love Letter to Our Volunteers

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Here’s to Milo Volunteers!

They are the friends who arise before dawn and help transport animals to safety. They are the generous people who spend countless hours encouraging timid cats to become confident and trusting. The allies who are willing to bring medicine and supplies far away to a foster family caring for a sick animal. Our kind and caring foster families! The many compassionate souls who come to Milo Point Richmond and the Milo Sanctuary, to share their time and their love with the animals.

Day by day you give, and then you give more. As you have seen with your own eyes and hearts the animals show you their loving gratitude. We wish to do so too!

THANK YOU to our volunteers, for all you have given and all you continue to give. You are dedicated, fearless, and most of all, you share your love unconditionally with the animals. TEAM MILO only exists with all of you!

Let’s take a page from Sydney and her imagination. Let’s imagine a world in which all the animals are hopeful, happy and safe. Working together, day by day, they will be, and we all will be too!

With deep gratitude,

Lynne, Carol, and all of us at Milo

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