The Milo Sanctuary

The Milo Sanctuary is located on 283 acres in Mendocino County, offering lots of room for rescued animals to run and play.

The Sanctuary houses primarily dogs and cats that need more time for training and socialization with both humans and other animals.

Sponsor a Sanctuary Animal!

cat in sanctuary grass

Our Sanctuary animals are often with us for long periods of time. Your generous donations to help our sanctuary animals is greatly appreciated. Sponsor a Milo Sanctuary animal and give them the nourishment, enrichment,

Your monthly support will help a Sanctuary animal thrive. Support an animal, or if you can’t decide, support the Sanctuary!

Location of the Milo Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is located about three hours north of the Bay Area, east of Willits. The spring and fall are beautiful times of the year to visit – and help! Summers are typically hot, and there are vital projects that occur in these months. Please contact the Sanctuary for more information on how you can help.

The Milo Foundation welcomes visits from youth organizations. During the summer months, we invite Scouts, School groups, Rotary Clubs–any organization with kids and/or adults interested in animal welfare and helping homeless pets are welcome to make an appointment for a visit, to tour and to VOLUNTEER!

Families with kids over 14, or adult groups who help with a project during the day can ask to include a tour and a “Sundowner” trip up the hill or to the creek with some beverages and snacks, and of course some dogs!

This said, all visits to the Sanctuary are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We are minimally staffed and have to make plans to accommodate all visitors and adopters.

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