A year in (rescue) retrospect

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Dear Friend of Milo,

Another year is almost over – phew! 2023 has been a difficult one, but Milo is on track to save and adopt out more than 2,000 animals by year-end!

Rescue truly takes a village, and your support has kept us going despite all the obstacles animals face these days. No matter how tough it gets, Milo pushes through. We must! There’s no other choice because animals’ lives depend on it.

We cared for even more medical cases this past year. From puppies with Parvovirus to dogs with pneumonia to animals needing all sorts of orthopedic surgeries, we’ve had countless vet visits to get many special needs medical cases healthy and ready for homes. Each one was worth every penny, and they are now living their best lives with loving families!

Beyond that, we’ve taken in many more pregnant and nursing mom dogs and litters of puppies than ever before. The shelters are overflowing with these vulnerable families. Not to mention, there are many senior animals getting dumped at kill shelters who desperately need rescue so they can have a safe, comfortable place to live out their final years. We have given many seniors a second chance at life this year because you give.

2023 also threw us some logistical curveballs. Our industrial washing machine repeatedly broke down until we had no choice but to replace it. Milo Pt. Richmond goes through a LOT of laundry! Up at the Sanctuary, our old and ultimately unfixable utility vehicles were causing us constant
grief, forcing us to tow them back and forth to Ukiah to try to repair them. We had to give in and purchase a new one since we depend on these vehicles daily to care for the animals. These critical pieces of equipment will allow us to keep everything running smoothly as we care for hundreds of animals at a time.

What keeps us going? One big thing is the undeniable happiness that our adopters experience when they bring a new pet home. Watching adopters heading home with a new family member rescued off a euthanasia list brings us great joy! Saving lives and helping complete families motivates us to do more.

A critical component of our ongoing success is the help of amazing volunteers and fosters who provide love and care to Milo animals while they wait for their homes. We are so grateful for every volunteer and every foster home! We couldn’t do all we do without their vital support!

As we look ahead to the new year, we know hard days are inevitable. Sadly, the need for rescue will only increase next year. If there’s one thing we know for sure, we cannot save homeless pets without the help of donors and supporters like you. YOU are truly a crucial part of our animal-saving village. We say it all the time, but YOU make our work possible. YOUR donation saves the lives of at-risk dogs and cats. As the year draws to a close, we hope you will consider a generous donation, helping Milo continue our mission to save as many homeless animals as possible.

With our deepest gratitude and best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year,

Lynne Tingle


Please help save more lives by using the enclosed return envelope, donating on our website at www.milofoundation.org, texting “Donate” to 833-366-6298, or scanning the QR code here. Thank you!

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