Dogs for Adoption

We want to help you make the perfect match. Please read the story of your favorite dog and complete our Dog Adoption Application. Adopt a dog or puppy from Milo and help save a homeless pet.

After completing the online application, come visit us at the Milo Point Richmond Adoption Center to meet your adoptable dog or puppy! We do not have enough staff to respond to all emails and phone calls. Please visit Milo Point Richmond during our normal pet adoption hours of 11-5pm (closed Tuesdays).

Dogs for adoption at the Milo Foundation receive necessary veterinary care including spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, a micro-chip, and treatment for parasites. Dogs over six months of age are heartworm tested. Some small male dogs can have lower fees.

Chihuahuas and some other small dogs may have special incentives/lower adoption fees. There are so many of these sweet little ones dying in shelters AND “two-for-one” deals are happily considered for Chihuahuas and some small dogs. The little ones LOVE a buddy!

Dogs for Adoption at the Milo Foundation
Adopt a Dog or Puppy from the Milo Foundation
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