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Currently we are doing pet adoptions by appointment only due to Covid-19. Please complete a pet adoption application before requesting an appointment. We appreciate your patience and thank you for adopting a homeless pet.

Our pet adoption program adopts out approximately 1,500 dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens each year! We could not do this without your generous donations and volunteer hours. Thank you for your continued support of the animals at the Milo Foundation.

The Milo Foundation is an established 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill organization providing a second chance for homeless pets throughout California.

We rescue dogs and cats from high-kill animal shelters and adopt them to loving homes best suited to provide lifetime care. We offer sanctuary to those pets that are not ready for adoption and educate the public about responsible pet guardianship, including spay/neuter.

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Cozy Up Your Pup!

Here are some winners of the recent Milo auction – with their great new sweaters, keeping cozy as we all await the spring! The nights are yet cool around the Bay, and winter still blows through at the Sanctuary, so if you missed our lively auction, you can still donate and keep a Milo mutt […]


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Send a special message of love, and support a Milo animal awaiting a loving home.  Good things come to those who wait!

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Let’s Celebrate!

TEAM MILO is a wonderful community.  The days are sometimes thrilling, sometimes mundane, yet working with animals is never dull, it is uniquely special as all the animals are, and always full of possibility and hope! It truly takes a team to rescue, care for and find loving homes for the animals. VOLUNTEERS! The kind-hearted […]

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TEAM MILO is Truly a Team Effort!

Dear good friends to Milo and the animals, Hello and thank you for being a “Milo Person!”  Whether you are an adopter, a donor, an animal enthusiast, or one of our valued volunteers or fosters – I want to personally recognize and appreciate you!  There is nothing like 2020 to make me be grateful for […]

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Go Big in 2021!

There is Big Love to Share! The animals we help come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether big or small, their big hearts warm us with their affection, friendliness, goofiness – and love! To welcome 2021, we want to share some BIG LOVE!  Milo has many amazing large dogs, ready for action and adventure, and […]

Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express Holiday Shopping Spree for the Animals!

Our great friends at Pet Food Express have a great way to help the Milo animals – it’s the 2020 Holiday Shopping Spree! Through their program “Friends by Pet Food Express,” anything you need for your pets, and anything you may wish to donate to the Milo animals, can be ordered online and delivered to […]

Get Involved

Volunteer opportunities are constantly changing as we grow and develop new programs but what doesn’t change is your impact on our homeless animals!

There are so many ways to help including daily animal care, dog walking, cat socialization, and fostering an animal in need. Become a volunteer or foster and make a difference to our adoptable dogs and cats.

Pet Adoption Volunteer

Our Sanctuary

Milo Sanctuary for Dogs and Cats

The Milo Sanctuary is home to approximately 200+ animals at any given time, mostly dogs and cats whom need time for rehabilitation or socialization, but also a variety of farm animals. The Sanctuary is located on 283 acres in Mendocino County, offering lots of room for rescued animals to run and play.

Our Sanctuary animals are often with us for long periods of time. Your financial support will help a Sanctuary animal thrive. Sponsor an animal, or if you can’t decide, support the Sanctuary. Donate today!

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