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Milo Point Richmond Adoption Center

The animals need you! Volunteers provide daily animal care, dog walking, cat socialization, and adoption support. Opportunities include weekly, daily, and on-call shifts at the shelter.

Milo Point Richmond opened on December 8, 2013. This is our forever location in a great 5,000 square feet space. We have dog yards, our own Dog Park, and the quaint town of Point Richmond is a short walk away. Cat volunteers may begin at 12 years of age, and must train and volunteer with a parent or guardian. Dog volunteers may begin at 16 years of age, and if under 18 must have signed parental permission to volunteer.

If you are ready to make a commitment to help Milo’s adoptable pets find their forever homes, complete our online volunteer application today! We will follow up to provide more information on next steps.

Milo volunteers can find the online schedule here.

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Volunteering and Outreach

If you are ready to make a commitment to help Milo animals find their forever homes, complete our online Volunteer Application today! We will follow up within 2 weeks to provide more information on next steps.

Volunteer at the Sanctuary

We have regular volunteer weekends in the summer and other events at our Milo Sanctuary.

Please be ready to roll up your sleeves and pitch in. You will likely get hot, you will most likely get dirty, and you will get lots of dog kisses and cat purrs. We have projects galore to benefit the dogs, cats, hoofed animals and other critters.

We have building projects galore. We would love help by any handy persons. Trades people are encouraged.

We have a volunteer cabin being completed, so come stay with us!.There are lots of things to help with and fun to be had.

The Sanctuary is located about three hours north of the Bay Area, east of Willits. The spring and fall are beautiful times of the year to visit – and help. Summers are typically hot, and there are vital projects that occur in these months.

Please send a request to the Sanctuary staff or more information.

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