Help Give Frank a Fresh Start!

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Senior Poodle-Maltese mix Frank has not had an easy life. This poor, sweet boy found himself at risk at Kern County Animal Services. We agreed to help him, and WOW, is he in rough shape!

Sometimes, we really don’t know the full condition of the animals we are receiving since the transferring shelters often miss things because they are overburdened and scrambling. Had we known the extent of Frank’s medical needs, we likely would have declined poor Frank in lieu of one of many other dogs in need without these kinds of health issues and expenses, and sadly, he would have been euthanized.

But, he has landed here with Milo. He needs us… and he needs YOU!

We have rushed Frank to our vet, and it’s apparent he was sorely neglected. Not only does he need to be neutered, but his back leg was badly fractured some time ago and never healed properly, so it just hangs there, useless. It needed to be amputated. PLUS, his teeth are in HORRID condition, and they all need to be removed.

You’d think we’d be used to seeing animals in these conditions by now, but it never ceases to break our hearts when we come across a sweet dog like Frank in such poor shape. It takes years to get this bad, and to have a dog in that kind of pain for so long is criminal.

Fortunately, Milo can help Frank, but we need to raise $5,800 to pay for all the medical care he needs. That’s why we are appealing to YOU. Your donation will allow us to get Frank up and running on his three legs, eating well without pain, and enjoying the rest of his life comfortably in the loving home he deserves!

To support Frank’s surgery costs, please visit our donation page and select “Milo Medical Fund” from the “Apply My Donation To” dropdown.

If you prefer to make a general donation and have it used where it’s needed most, you can select the “Anywhere It’s Needed Most” option.

Frank will be ever grateful for your support!

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