Milo Celebrates Our 29th Anniversary!!

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It’s Our 29th Anniversary!
Help Us Celebrate and Save More Animals!

Dear Friend of Milo,

I can’t believe that Milo Foundation received our non-profit paperwork on this day 29 days ago! The impact we have been able to make over these 29 years has only been possible thanks to our amazing donors, fosters, adopters, and volunteers.

This year to date, Milo has had over 1,130 adoptions and saved over 1,380 at-risk animals. Most are euthanasia-listed cats and dogs from kill shelters throughout California, and a few from owners with no other choice.

We have a lot to celebrate today, but the reality is that euthanasia rates in California are up. WAY UP! There is SO much work to be done. California is in a serious crisis.

It’s not just California. Other states are seeing the same increase in intakes and decrease in adoptions that we are seeing. As a whole, our country is in a homeless pet crisis.

We are doing everything we can to help as many animals as we can, but the requests for help are never-ending. Some days, it’s beyond overwhelming.

We are seeing so many animals with medical needs, senior pets looking for homes to live out their golden years, and nursing moms and babies. There are even more healthy, adult pets getting euthanasia-listed at overcrowded shelters, along with increases in the number of purebred and designer dogs and so many puppies ending up in shelters or abandoned in fields or on roadsides. It’s heartbreaking and unlike anything I’ve seen in all these years of rescue. We’ve spiraled backward.

Fortunately, generous donors like you make it possible to save these deserving dogs and cats.

On our 29th anniversary, we humbly ask for your continued support. Simply put, we cannot do what we do without YOU.

YOU make a difference in the lives of each of these animals and let us continue to rescue as many dogs and cats as we can.

Thank you for being such an important part of our life-saving efforts.

Cheers to the next year of helping even more deserving animals,


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