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Mobile Adoption Site:
Pet Food Express Piedmont Avenue

Foster Homes are Always Needed!

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The Milo Foundation
PO Box 6625
Albany CA 94706
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Adoption Hours

Volunteer Hours
7 Days a Week

2nd and
Last Thurs
of each Month
at 5pm

Milo Point Richmond
200 S Garrard Boulevard
Space 220
Point Richmond, CA 94801
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Milo Sanctuary
Milo Foundation runs a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County.
(707) 459-4900

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 Milo Partners with Nutro and Pet Food Express 
The Nutro Company and Pet Food Express together donate the food which feeds the Milo animals at our Point Richmond Adoption Center. Milo gratefully acknowledges this very generous contribution to the nourishment of the animals in our care, and we encourage you to support Nutro and Pet Food Express.

 In addition, you can shop for needed supplies for Milo by clicking the Pet Food Express logo below. Designate Milo as your purchase recipient, and receive a 20% discount and free shipping.
In Association with Pet Food Express
In Association with Nutro Natural
In Association with Nutro Natural

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Shop at Amazon through this link and help Milo at the same time! A portion of your purchase price benefits the Milo Foundation.
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Shop at iGive.com 
Shop at one of the over 400 name-brand stores at iGive.com using the link below, and Milo will receive a percentage of each purchase.
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The Milo Foundation - A Nonprofit Domestic Animal Sanctuary

Milo Point Richmond OPEN daily 11-5 except Tuesdays

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to learn more!!

Next Mobile Adoption Events

Sunday January 25th at the Piedmont Avenue Pet Food Express store.
12-4 PM
Animals scheduled to attend 1/25/15 in OAKLAND

And, Sunday February 1st at GEORGE STORE in BERKELEY.

Milo Point Richmond is our fantastic new
Rescue and Adoption Center.

Volunteers are welcome from 7am-7:30pm EVERY DAY!
Orientations are at 5pm on the second and last
Thursdays of the month.

Join the Milo Volunteer list to get more info.


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Make a Donation Online - Today!

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 New Arrivals:
GODIVA: Cat, Female, 4 mos.
LEO: Cat, Male, 2 yrs. 3 mo.
ZU: Cat, Male, 2 yrs. 3 mo.
MOMMA: Cat, Female, 8 yrs. 1 mo.
ARTURO: Cat, Male, 1 yr. 8 mo.
GOAT: Terrier - Wire Hair, Mix, Male, 5 yrs.
EDIE: Terrier, Mix, Female, 1 yr. 8 mo.
PAISLEY STEW: Australian Shepherd, Mix, Male, 1 yr. 1 mo.
BOOKER: Chihuahua, Mix, Male, 7 mos.
PETULA: Mastiff, Mix, Female, 5 yrs. 11 mo.

Featured Critter: ABBY
Breed: Spaniel - Cav. King Charles Mix  -  Gender: Female  -  Age: 2 yrs. 3 mo. (est)
ABBYGAIL This lovely little momma originally arrived with us in mid-October 2013, with seven 10 day old puppies, and the whole family was quickly whisked off to a foster home. They had time to grow, run, play, and socialize, and are now all adopted! Abby is VERY READY for her forever home now too!

Foster update: "Abigail has been such a sweet girl. She has been awesome with my cat and children. She would be a tremendous potential for someone that would spend time with her! She's house trained and very sweet. She prefers a human than toys. She is very friendly. Abagail has some separation anxiety, so would best be suited in a home with someone who is around a majority of the time, or with someone who could bring her along with them to work. She is definitely a lap dog, and likes to be by your side. She would also benefit from further dog-dog socialization"

"Abby has trouble with more than a few stairs (and lately has been wanting help with those!). So if people have stairs in their home, I imagine it would take a creative solution to make it work. Otherwise, she does really, really well. She takes long walks, seems fine up and down hills, runs, and even jumps up and down from the couch!"

E-mail us at click here for email to learn more about ABBY.

See More Photos of ABBY!

Featured Critter: ALLIE
Breed: Pit Bull - Australian Cattle Dog Mix  -  Gender: Female  -  Age: 1 yr. 7 mo. (est)
ALLIE *FOSTER UPDATE* 1/5/15 "Allie loves nothing more than finding a lap, curling up, and settling down for a long nap. Though she's super athletic, smart and active, she is a dog who adores her human,s and prefers snuggling to all other activities.

Because she's so people oriented, she's attentive on leash, and learns simple commands quickly. After a bit of practice, she began to check in at crosswalks and sit on command, even in loud areas with many distractions. She loves getting treats and cuddles when she does something right, and truly wants to please her person.

She can be a little nervous about new people in her space , but warms up quickly, and is very tolerant given time to adjust. She met a lot of people during her stay with us, and wasn't fazed (didn't bat an eye when a noisy 6-year-old grabbed her ears).

She slept quietly through the night in her crate, didn't chew on her blanket, and didn't have any accidents in the house. She is super agile and will counter-surf given the chance (something she is working on). When bored, she'll go get a toy and play quietly on her bed.

She is fast and strong, and loves to play fetch, go running, and jump on tall objects. Would be a great companion on long hikes and runs, but will expect a long nap in your lap afterwards."

Allie always has a smile on her face and can jump straight up and pretty high, she is athletic and enthusiastic! Maybe a Frisbee champion candidate!?? Rough and tumble, fast, playful this girl can be calm and quiet but she'd rather be out mixin' it up with people she loves, and other dogs!

Allie will train up nicely, with repetition and consistency, as well as a good amount of exercise - then training.....

E-mail us at click here for email to learn more about ALLIE.

See More Photos of ALLIE!

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