Cozy Up Your Pup!

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Here are some winners of the recent Milo auction – with their great new sweaters, keeping cozy as we all await the spring!

The nights are yet cool around the Bay, and winter still blows through at the Sanctuary, so if you missed our lively auction, you can still donate and keep a Milo mutt cozy and warm.  And there’s nothing like chew toys, biscuits and treats to ward off the cold weather!

If you shop with our friends at Pet Food Express, 4% of your purchase is donated to Milo with this link.  The dogs at our Sanctuary and Milo Point Richmond love their evening treats!!

You can also drop donations off or ship them to:

Milo Pt Richmond, 220 S Garrard Blvd, Richmond CA 94801

We will make sure to share with the Milo Sanctuary animals too!!


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