Spring Blossoms at the Sanctuary!

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Hello from the Milo Foundation Sanctuary!


As we look towards the second quarter of 2021, we are excited by the possibilities opening up!  It has been a pretty wild first few months, with record snows and such, and we are so grateful for our neighbors and some wonderful Milo volunteers for jumping in and helping when we had so many trees down and fences damaged and much to do.  But spring is upon us, blue skies, and green emerging everywhere, making the animals and humans here so happy!

Recently we have had some lovely new rescues come in, and terrific adoptions from the Sanctuary, and we look forward to more in the near future.  As will happen, one of our new dogs Whiskey, who is such a good dog, tested Heartworm positive.  A sad and costly turn, but treatable, and with healing she will be on to a happy life!

We are fortunate to have some fine staff members, and a stellar volunteer caring for the Sanctuary animals, and look forward to more volunteerism in the next many months.  We have lots of space – the great outdoors, streams to follow, wonderful vistas and winding paths to walk.  Fence additions and repairs, moving a large enclosure for the chickens, and creating shade structures for the dogs are some of the projects to be completed.  Dog walking training and socializing, cat care, and yard maintenance, vehicle maintenance and painting activities – there is always something to do around here, but also time to relax brush a dog, take dogs to the creek, and enjoy the sunshine!

If you are interested in volunteering please email sanctuary@milofoundation.org.  At present we can accept children 14 years and older, who may volunteer accompanied by adults.

Camping is possible, but it can be quite cold at night, and there are motels in town we can recommend for a comfortable night’s sleep and a hot shower!

Our Sanctuary is what makes the Milo Foundation special and unique
We can offer hard to place animals the space and the time they need, work on rehabilitation for those we feel can get safely adopted into appropriate kinds of happy homes, and provide an alternative to euthanasia for those who call the Sanctuary “HOME.”  We have amazing cats, most of whom prefer to be on the wild side, who enjoy their house and their outdoor spaces and their many feline companions.  We do have a few affectionate cat characters as well!
On February 10th we had to say goodbye to our unofficial mascot Chorizo.  “CHO!” came to us from a fellow who was struggling – eventually he surrendered CHO to me. I was so happy being his caregiver, he brought so much love, joy and laughter to my life and that of so many around Milo.
CHO was the embodiment of soul, he was a character and a great greeter at Milo Pt Richmond and a Pit Bull who no one could say no to.  A champ at begging treats off everyone!  Chorizo loved spending time at the Milo Sanctuary and was trusted with every animal.  He loved everyone and will truly never be forgotten.
And yet new life beckons, with puppies born at the Sanctuary, then off to foster homes and now finding homes at Milo Pt Richmond.
The Sanctuary is where Milo began more than 26 years ago and it needs your support, it is so important in our life saving mission.  Please help sustain our beautiful place for the animals with a tax-deductible gift today.  The animals and I thank you greatly.
Warmly and with great appreciation,

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